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Information Citrix Login UNISERV

Step 1 – Download & Installation Citrix Receiver
(User-Account with administrative privileges)

We recommend to use Citrix Receiver Version 4.5 which has been released on September, 14th  2016. This version fixes issues with freezing sessions and was stable in previous tests.

Supplementary screenshots concerning Citrix setup on Windows are available here.

The following steps need to be done with the user account that will be used for establishing the Citrix Connection.

On windows platform, Internet Explorer is recommended.

You can use the following browsers

  • Internet Explorer 11 (fully supported)
  • Firefox v49 (fully supported)
  • Edge v38 (Displays session in Browser Window based on HTML5)

Chrome is currently not supported

Step 2 – Trusted Sites (Internet-Explorer only)

Add UNISERV logon page to trusted sites list: 

Internet Options -> Security-> Trusted Sites

Supplementary screenshots are available here. 

Step 3 – Browser-Cookies

Make sure, that your Browser accepts Cookies 

Instructions for Internet-Explorer, Edge

Instructions for Firefox