Customer Data Management in Logistics

Customer Data Management in Logistics

Always a parcel length ahead - with Uniserv 

The forecasts for the German Courier, Express and Parcel (KEP) branch predict continued healthy growth – without any end being in sight. The KEP Study 2016, published by the German Bundesverbands Paket & Expresslogistik (BIEK) in May 2016, reveals that more than 2.9 billion KEP consignments were shipped last year, representing an increase of 5.9 percent compared to the previous year.

Digitalisation: Challenges for delivery drivers

It is hardly surprising that this growth is closely tied to the triumphal advance of online retailing and e-commerce, and therefore also to the changes of the consumer’s purchasing behaviour. When making a virtual shopping trip, today’s customer expects maximum flexibility, fast reactions and individual offers; with everything being as user-friendly and low priced as possible. Providers who cannot fulfil these expectations will rapidly disappear from the browser window, because the competition is waiting just a mouse click away. To ensure survival and long-term success in a such a highly competitive and constantly changing market environment, companies must adapt their business models and keep their costs well under control.

The customer is the director of the consignment

Additional logistic services – especially when they allow improved planning for the recipient of a consignment – play an increasingly important role, and are becoming a decisive competitive advantage. Online tracking (tracing a consignment on the internet or using an app), free choice of delivery date and time by the recipient, notification services (email, SMS text message) by the dealer or postal service provider, and same-day delivery - these are all gaining in importance. But they are also highly individualised services, and will only succeed when companies aggregate the knowledge gained about each customer or other party to the best 360-degree view possible.

Our customers

With this as a background, the recipient’s address is becoming more important, not only for the sender, but also for the postal service provider. Only a complete, correct and up to date address will ensure that the sender can successfully place his innovative services and additional offers with the recipient.

The recipient’s address as an asset: No positive customer experience without high quality data.

Incorrect address data and poor quality recipient master data not only lead to reduced delivery efficiency and additional costs for repeated journeys, but also endanger the recipient’s positive customer experience mentioned above. For example: What happens if the recipient fails to receive an email or text message notifying delivery, due to an incorrect email address or mobile telephone number? In this situation, all carefully developed additional services are doomed to fail. And instead of receiving a consignment, the customer finds yet another “failed delivery” notice in the letter box.

Therefore, it is essential that logistics companies do their utmost to ensure that their contact data for goods deliveries is treated as a vital company asset and key success factor for their business future. They must also ensure that their data is as complete, precise and up-to-date as possible. But they are faced with the challenge of most data not being stored in a central databank, but in many different and separate systems.

Optimize warehousing and delivery tours with customer data management

With Smart Customer MDM, Uniserv offers a holistic master data management system that collects and validates master data from widely-differing sources to create a central, 100 % individual and fully accurate address record – a Golden Record. The address data it contains is serviced and protected throughout its entire life cycle. It provides you with a quality-guaranteed data basis for clearly improving the efficiency of your delivery processes. Best practices show that by reducing manual processes, companies can achieve savings in process costs, and time savings of up to 15 minutes per driver, per day. For a workforce of 9,000 delivery drivers, this represents a total time saving of more than 2,200 hours!

Golden Profile – Raise your customer relationship to the next level

When the Golden Record is enriched with additional dynamic (i.e. interaction and transaction) data, the recipient’s profile becomes even sharper. Transaction and interaction data in the logistics field can include:

  • Which delivery form (standard, next-day, same-day) has the recipient chosen; and when and how?
  • Which delivery form (deposited with a neighbour, collection from a parcel shop) has the recipient chosen most often?
  • What delivery time has the recipient chosen most often?

This information, together with all other data generated by each individual parcel delivery, enables specific statements to be made about the recipient’s current behaviour, as well as prognoses for future behaviour. But this will only succeed when the data and information can be unambiguously allocated to the correct “Golden Record”.

Ground Truth – The foundation for new customer services

Ground Truth is a solution and process methodology developed by Uniserv precisely for this purpose. It enriches the golden record with dynamic (interaction and transaction) data, based upon a match of the transformation source-ID with the golden record-ID. The result is the recipient’s so-called Golden Profile – a complete, fully up-to-date, and totally accurate 360-degree view of each individual recipient.

The knowledge thus gained forms the genuine foundation for new customer services targeted on further optimizing the recipient’s experience along their customer journey. Additionally, valid prognoses for continued business development can be made, and used as a basis for improving the postal and delivery processes of logistics companies.