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Our Master Data Management and Customer Data Platform solutions create a 360° view of your customers and prospects. In this way, we create the basis for the use of personalized data and a successful customer journey. Our customer data quality and identity resolution tools and services form the basis for this and provide our customers with measurable added value.

"With our customer data management solutions, we increase the value and sustainability of your customer relationships."

This is our passion and motivation. You benefit directly from efficient business processes, direct competitive advantages and lower costs.




Uniserv Customer Data Hub

The Customer Data Hub aggregates data from ERP, CRM, store system and other sources and creates a central business partner profile. You can thus recognize, merge and qualitatively optimize your customer data across all sources. And you can do this without changing your existing system landscape. Thanks to the integrated platform, all your teams have consistent customer knowledge and can work more flexibly. The data is cleaned, structured and updated by the data quality solutions of Uniserv in the hub and you form golden records - for a 360-degree customer view.


The Uniserv Data Quality Solutions

The basis and prerequisite for optimized processes in a company are credible company data that can be used in all directions. Duplicate and incorrect data records inhibit the processes and question statements and decisions made. The Uniserv Data Quality Solutions ensure the necessary data quality in the operative or analytical business applications. Once data quality has been achieved and regularly monitored, it accelerates your business processes and gives you a competitive advantage that should not be underestimated.


Deployment options

How our solutions are used.

Our Data Quality Services have convinced you, but you are now asking yourself the question of "how"? We provide you with our range of solutions in various options. Whether as a locally installed software solution (on premises), as a service from the cloud or in our data center - or even a combination of these: together we tailor the offer that suits you and your requirements.