This is Uniserv


We aim to offer you the highest quality of results with the best performance when optimizing your business partner data. We always focus on tailor-made data quality. The result: best quality and lower costs - just "Better Data. Better Business".

About Uniserv and our partners

Discover what separates us and what drives us, what motivates us and what our goals are. On our mission page you will find a summary of what is most important. In the History and Facts & Figures sections you will find further detailed information about Uniserv. From the pages Commitment and Memberships you can learn what is important to us in general but also in our daily work.

In today's global and complex world, we ensure the success of our customers best by working together with partners. Therefore, a working partner network is extremely important to us. Find out more about the advantages of a partnership with Uniserv, what partner categories are available and which partners are already part of our network.