Mastering data quality in CRM: Four steps to success

Save money and valuable working time in contact data maintenance.

Companies often waste valuable potential by ruining their own CRM initiatives because they do not pay attention to data quality in their CRM system or simply take over data without checking it when migrating to a new CRM system. With fatal consequences such as disgruntled employees, lack of acceptance of the CRM system due to incorrect, outdated, incomplete and redundant data. 

Through high data quality in CRM, companies can save a lot of money and valuable working time in contact data maintenance. 

The Uniserv-How-To-Guide shows transparently and comprehensibly how you can achieve high data quality in four steps and turn your CRM into a real favourite system: 

  • Eight good reasons why you should maintain your CRM.
  • Four steps to high data quality.
  • Tips and tricks on how to keep data in your CRM clean in the future.

Download the Uniserv-How-To-Guide for high data quality in CRM now for free.

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