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Marketing Services

Tailored offers for successful communication

The demand for marketing services is subject to very strong economic fluctuations throughout all branches. But even in economically difficult times, no company can afford to sacrifice marketing measures and the related communications with the customer. Markets diversification and a perhaps limited marketing budget require a targeted customer approach. Stray losses must be ruled out as far as possible, and costs kept within the prescribed budget framework. The key to success: high quality data in the CRM system enabling a direct customer approach and individual offers.

The higher the data quality; the more target-group-specific and needs-orientated will the marketing actions be.

Retain existing customers; win new customers

High data quality is the foundation of successful marketing measures. This may sound obvious, but practice shows that customer data is frequently not available in the correct form: outdated data, duplicates, incorrect address data and different formats mean that laboriously conceived marketing campaigns go up in smoke and unnecessarily entail increased mailing costs. The profitability of your marketing budget is endangered and time-critical marketing actions are doomed to failure from the outset. Missing segmentation characteristics make the selection of the target group more difficult. Customer information in widely-varying quality presents a challenge - particularly in the case of direct mailing campaigns.

Good data quality is the prerequisite for retaining existing customers and acquiring new customers. Your customers want to be taken seriously and to have the feeling that they are recognised; it is only then can a casual purchaser be made into a satisfied, and most important of all loyal customer. A customer addressed with the wrong first name has perhaps already been lost. But when the database is correct; precise, targeted mailing campaigns, with finely co-ordinated customer segmentation can be created and effectively implemented for specific target groups.

Place messages effectively

As the expert for customer master data, and as the European market leader for data quality solutions, Uniserv has gained enormous experience from its many years of managing both national and international customer master data. Our data quality solutions ensure high quality data stocks, enabling customer specific mailing campaigns “at the press of a button”. This means minimum stray losses - and maximum response.

Data quality from Uniserv not only guarantees valid customer master data. Our data quality solutions also enable you make coordinated segmentation of customer data according to your individual wishes, and based upon enriched additional information, such as purchase behaviour, interests, demographic data, and geodata. Data you want to add to your customer database from differing sources, is imported smoothly and error-free with our data integration processes. With Uniserv you can create all prerequisites for efficient marketing campaigns, react flexibly to market conditions, and at the same time improve the quality of your data stocks.