Solutions for publishers


Dynamic change as a chance

The digital media age and competition from web newspapers and electronic magazines mean that the publishing branch is facing major challenges. For many publishers, integration of their own sales channels – and therefore the integration of customer processes - is becoming increasingly important too. On the one hand, publishing companies must further develop and widen their offers in the field of online media, whereby this also raises the question of future-orientated business models. Here there is considerable potential to be found in digital sales strategies which promise success when companies can react fast to customer interests. On the other hand, traditional newspaper and magazine formats require well-developed marketing strategies to limit customer fluctuation, and win new customers. Company fusions and media takeovers also shape todays’ publishing industry.

Large data quantities in higher quality

Modern publishers use different sales channels to reach the desired readership with their products. This makes clear and most of all prompt identification of the customer difficult and calls for functioning customer identity resolution. Otherwise, the customer in his/her different roles – such as contributor, author or subscriber – can only be identified with difficulty. Also, in many cases, large data stocks are not updated, cleansed, or taken care of for many years, and this can have serious consequences. Erroneous and outdated addresses negatively affect contact to the customer, due to delayed, misdirected, or multiple deliveries. Return rates and costs increase, and activities linked to address data, such as auditing, credit checks and marketing follow-ups are impaired.

Fusions between publishing companies add to existing data stocks; and in many cases, increase problems with data as well. Complex, international subscriber data is administered in different ways by the publishers’ ERP software, and leads to unclear and inefficient data structures. Takeover of customer data following company fusions must be completed particularly fast and reliably – without any duplicates arising at all. High quality data means that newspaper delivery is efficiently performed, and subscribers can be targeted with information about new publishing offers, according to their interests. The speed necessary for online business is guaranteed across all channels.

Successful future activities with representative customer master data

Media sales – no matter whether in analogue or digital form – first requires stringent and professional data management. With the Uniserv Customer Data Hub as a MDM solution, correct customer master data is available immediately. Data from different sources is simply and rapidly integrated, cleansed of duplicates and reliably protected from pollution. The manual effort needed for data cleansing is minimised, operative processes are optimised, and data purchases from outside sources is reduced. Data matching across ally systems gives you a 360° Customer Data View. The result is improved customer analyses and a more intensive customer understanding, and these are the prerequisites for successful sales of your publishing products in the future. You are now in the position to gain loyal readers with targeted marketing measures, as well as to acquire new customers.

Our Data Management Solutions ensure – in real-time and in batch processing – high quality data throughout. You can create representative trend analyses and make strategic business decisions based upon a solid and trustworthy database.