Data Integration Tool

Data Integration Tool

Data integration helps you thoroughly organize your data management processes

The Uniserv data integration tool combines functions from the data quality and data integration field to a comprehensive solution for your data management projects.

The data integration tool provides numerous connectors for direct read and write access to databases, applications and files. It is also fitted with a user-friendly graphic editor for defining your data flows, as well as transformation functions, and connectors for the reliable Uniserv data quality tools. You simply integrate everything into your processes by drag and drop. This means that you can very easily implement complex data migration, data warehousing and data quality processes into your projects.

Integrated workbench for automatic data management processes

The central component of the data integration tool is an integrated workbench, which ideally supports the user when defining automated data management processes. With the aid of the graphic interface you can: 

  • extract written meta data from the source and target systems
  • paste and link individual processing steps into a process by drag and drop
  • define data structures and format transformations wherever necessary, 
  • save process definitions in a central repository
  • test and analyse process definitions, eliminating any errors found and optimizing the process
  • finally perform the job

The integrated scheduling function allows processes created with the data integration tool’s graphic interface to be automatically performed at any time; either manually (ad hoc), regularly (e.g., once a week or month), or dependent upon an event (e.g., copying a file into the directory). The job can also be exported as an executable JAR file and integrated easily into your own IT-supported system.

Flexible operation of the data integration tool

Of course, the data integration tool is equally suitable for local use at the workplace, as it is for dealing with your data management tasks on a company-wide scale. The client /server scheduler version allows registered jobs to be performed by every server in your business network where a runtime environment for the data integration tool is installed. Its integrated load balancer distributes new jobs automatically to free server nodes; and if a server node fails, it restarts the same job on another server.

The data integration tool is a modern system designed to help you thoroughly organize your data management processes throughout your company. 

The following features make the data integration tool indispensable for all data management projects

  • a user-friendly graphic editor for creating process descriptions
  • a central repository where versions of your process descriptions are kept available and safe for access by multiple users 
  • access components for a wide range of databases, applications and file formats
  • easy integration of created jobs into existing automated processes
  • a wide range of data quality and transformation functions which can be integrated directly into your process descriptions using drag and drop
  • a wide range of control elements for designing complex processes
  • highly-efficient performance with Java code generation
  • integrated load balancing and failover mechanisms in the client /server version