Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence

Data Warehouse Business Intelligence

The major stumbling block for comprehensive analyses is sub-optimal data from differing IT systems. If the basis data is in poor condition; subsequent reliable evaluations are virtually impossible. Business risks cannot be identified promptly and potential opportunities are not exploited. Your customer’s purchase behaviour is falsely interpreted, and changes to your business strategy are made too late. The fact is: reliable strategic decisions can only be made when they are based upon high-quality data!

Therefore, the foundation of a data warehouse and later business intelligence analyses is up-to-date, fully-complete and error-free data, and free of any redundant items. Also, all incoming data must be standardised to allow it to automatically enter the data warehouse, whereby the biggest challenges faced are from redundant items in the source systems (and elsewhere), and the differing quality levels of the incoming data. No matter whether it is a data warehouse or business intelligence solution, make well-founded and safe business decisions based on high-quality, standardised data - with Uniserv.

Our Solution

Uniserv’s Identity Resolution is an efficient solution for consolidating datasets in all systems and throughout the company. Similar and identical datasets are identified by error-tolerant matching algorithms. If all addresses undergo a prior postal check, the accuracy of results will improve because only correct address elements are present. Additional elements such as telephone numbers, email addresses, tax numbers, etc., can be included in matching at any time. Identity determination guarantees that your data warehouse has a database optimised for quality and free of redundant items, and that you can present representative results from your BI analyses. As with all other Uniserv products; Uniserv Identity Resolution is available either as a real-time or batch-processing solution.

Your Advantages

  • The data quality needed by your business processes and analyses
  • Cost optimization with standardised methods and tried-and-tested best practice models
  • Permanent transparency for specialist areas and IT management
  • Optimised data quality for productive, pioneering analyses, based upon consistent, indisputable data containing all relevant information
  • Correct matching avoids redundant items