Successful data warehousing with optimised data management

Data Warehousing

Business today requires better and faster reactions to customer wishes. The need for integration of data from all systems and for a 360° view of business partners is becoming greater. But in many companies, the IT organisation is an ageing structure of heterogeneous IT systems which make this 360° view extremely difficult – or even impossible. Customer data needed for effective data warehousing is distributed around different systems, redundant data dilutes the customer view, and golden records cannot be created. Successful and efficient implementation of data warehousing is only possible when data quality is always kept at the highest level.

Uniserv solutions help you to transfer your data smoothly and free of redundant entries into other systems (data integration) for optimal data warehousing in your IT infrastructure. Data warehousing requires that all data is complete and free of errors and redundant items. If data quality in the differing source systems is sub-standard, this will have a negative effect on data quality in the data warehouse and on the results of the Business Intelligence (BI) analysis.
Uniserv Identity Resolution also provides an efficient possibility for consolidating data sets from all systems involved – company-wide. With its error-tolerant matching algorithms it can identify similar and identical datasets. Using this data as a basis, you can create perfect golden records and thus a 360° customer view.

With Uniserv you keep your operative activities running efficiently. You can prepare analytic evaluations and organize further planning, and thanks to optimised data quality you can use new applications faster and more effectively. You keep within your budget limits and punctually comply with the schedule of your data warehousing project.

Without effective data management, data warehousing can present various challenges, e.g.

  • Multiple heterogeneous data sources and different data structures
  • Redundant items in master data, systems and beyond
  • Data sources have differing quality levels
  • Complicated metadata administration
  • Redundant items cause incorrect matching
  • Creation of a golden record (and thereby a 360° customer view) is not possible

Benefit from data warehousing tools and solutions from Uniserv with the following advantages

  • Data in the form demanded by business for effective data warehousing
  • Support from an experienced consultant during the entire project
  • Integration of several operational functions
  • Cost reduction with standardised methods and proven best practice models
  • Permanent transparency for operating departments and IT management
  • Optimised data quality for efficient and profitable work
  • Professional support during the change process within the framework of the data warehousing project
  • Implementation of the Single Customer View principle; taking into account that different users have different demands on the data and its quality level
  • Unambiguous data containing all relevant information