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Customer Experience Management as a Challenge

Leading the customer through his Customer Journey successfully with the Ground Truth

There were several reports about the development of the customer to the digital customer on this blog. It´s fact: With the triumph of Internet, Web 2.0 and social media there are hardly any sectors where the customer does not inform him or herself online and then purchased the goods and / or services online as well. For suppliers in these industries, this leads to the challenge to deal with the specific needs and desires of their digital customers.

Customer Experience Management as „Top Priority“ in times of the digital customer

One of the main requirements of the digital customer today is the Customer Experience, which he makes at the digital contact with a provider. In principle he does not differ so significantly from the traditional customers of the good old “offline" time. The offline customer expected for example, that someone takes care of him when he entered a retail store, explains products or goods and brings them to try on and advises him in friendly and courteous manner so that it undergoes a positive customer experience. The big difference in the digital age is now that the customer contact is no longer personal but virtual and takes place on different information, communication and online shopping platforms. To make matters worse, the vendor does partially not operate these platforms.

That is why the Customer Experience Management is high on the priority list of companies that communicate and interact with digital customers.

The Customer is King

The underlying idea is also not new. All along companies struggle to make custome „king“, that is making him center of all measures and activities and consider his needs and desires as starting point of all strategic decisions – and not only in Sales in Marketing but also in product development or logistics. If this approach works, the customer receives a positive customer experience and then buys hopefully more often. One of the well-known proponent of this approach was - no surprise - Apple icon Steve Jobs, who declared in 1997: "You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology." And another quote of Steve Jobs is “Our job is to figure out what they're going to want before they do” and this shows that Customer Experience Management is not only about marketing and sales but also product development.

The “Customer Journey” – Phases and Touchpoints

As mentioned, there is now the particular challenge to find out where the digital customers is moving in the digital univers. These will not just include the company's own platforms as web page, blog or online store, but many external platforms such as review sites, social media, video portals, communities and online forums and many more.

In addition, in many cases the purchase decision does not take place "ad hoc", but only after a lengthy evaluation and decision phase, which is often referred to as "customer journey" in marketing and sales. In general, the "journey of the customer" until the purchase decision is divided into the following phases:

Phases Customer Journey

The challenge of the provider is now to find out, 

  • in which phase of the customer journey the customer is currently in, 
  • how to provide him the relevant information  and support for each phase
  • how to accompany him on his further journey so he finally decides for a product or service.

Practical implementation of Customer Experience Management– Example Automotive Sector

The automotive industry is undoubtedly currently one of the sectors that has undergone a dramatic change. Even in Germany, the car continues to lose its role as a "status symbol". Moreover, studies show that urban people under the age of 30 have a more distant relationship with the car. They are increasingly counting on CarSharing offers or do without a car completely. According to a market analysis of the Duisburg CAR-Institute, the average age of a new car buyer in 2016 is 53 years in comparison to around 46.1 years in 1995. Not for nothing experts talk about a "Methuselah effect". A downright dangerous development for an industry with high competitive pressure and ever-shorter innovation cycles. In addition, the car buyer uses more and more touch points to prepare its decision to buy, most of which are digital.

The target for the automotive manufacturers has to be building up a presence at these touchpoints, collect as many information and data about the prospect as possible there and provide a relevant and attractive information and service offer on basis of the data analysis from these touchpoints and the current phase of the customer journey. Only by this it is possible to provide a positive customer journey which makes a prospect to a (satisfied) customer.

The main basis for preparing this positive customer experience is of course the quality and timeliness of data collected for analysis.

GROUND TRUTH as requirement for successful Customer Experience Managementt

Therefore we have developed a solution and process methodology, the GROUND TRUTH, that leads to a quality-assured data base and on that foundation reliable and resilient data analysis can be performed. The classic "Golden Record", the central master data record of a customer or prospect, is enriched by transformation rules that describe the access to interaction and transaction data in the various data sources. The "Golden Record" becomes the "Golden Profile" of the customer. This "Golden Profile" combines address data, purchasing behavior, purchasing history, preferences, and tracks that the customer leaves on the internet and social media as well as other channels and activities. This makes a truly complete, accurate and current 360-degree view of the customer possible for the first time.

The GROUND TRUTH method protects companies finally to create false predictions by incorrect data, thereby preventing incorrect business decisions. Based on this companies are able to implement successful Customer Experience Management.

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Ground Truth is the foundation for revenue growth and new business models against the background of digital transformation, e.g. for the optimization of sales and marketing activities, campaign management, blacklist matching, Compliance or also Customer Relationship Management. The Golden Profile of each customer is at the heart of this process, i.e. the Golden Record enhanced with interaction and transformation data (transaction data). The Ground Truth means that decision-makers no longer act in a vacuum but have grip on reality for decision-making.