How good is your Customer Data?

How good is your Customer Data?

Whether through relocations, deaths, weddings or typing errors: The quality of your data is affected by different internal and external factors.

Up-to-date, complete and quality assured customer master data is the basis for successful customer interaction. Whether by telephone, sales, letters, e-mail or internet: Contact information come across different touch points into your company. At these touchpoints typing errors or understanding problems quickly arise that blur the data quality. Also external factors can affect the consistency of the data. The numbers in our latest infographic illustrate this problem.

Status Quo of Data Quality

In 2014, 300 city names changed in Germany, 21,000 streets were recreated, split or renamed. Additionally addresses become obsolete by about eight million relocations, 890,000 deaths as well as 380,000 marriages and 170,000 divorces annually and their associated name changes. As a result: marketing campaigns fail, invoices cannot be delivered, and return rates as well as spreading losses of mailings increase. In addition, an error in the address, misspelled name, surname and double shipments can significantly threat the good relationship with the customer and the company image. This can affect the revenue right away.  

Is there any solution?

It is therefore essential that data quality tools provide up-to-date, complete and reliable data with which your employees can work efficiently. We provide correction of address information in accordance with international standards by means of our excellent reference data. We also offer the validation of e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or bank information at different levels. If redundancy occurs in your data, we can easily identify and eliminate it in consideration of your business rules.