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Integrate databases correctly after
mergers & acquisitions


Company takeovers and subsidiaries merging are almost daily occurrences today. But to ensure that the anticipated synergy effects take effect in the form of profit maximisation and increased turnover, the data stocks of the organisations involved must be integrated.


Data migration in the event of a company merger

Two scenarios are conceivable: One is that data from one company enters the system of the other company as part of a migration process. The alternative is that all systems made available following a business fusion are integrated into one overall system: a customer data management system (customer MDM). This customer data hub unites all available systems and enables creation of a golden record. This golden record guarantees the 360° customer view necessary for improving operative processes.


Challenge - redundant databases after mergers & acquisitions

Both implementation scenarios require high-level data quality. Inaccurate data must be corrected beforehand so that only high quality information is transferred to the target system. To enable data migration and integration to run smoothly, the differing data structures in the source systems must be aligned. In both scenarios, the biggest challenges are presented by redundant data. In many companies, a heterogeneous landscape of applications and databases builds up over time and are usually incompatible. Also, regular new items such as customer data, product data, contractual and financial data originating from company departments (sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, etc.) have to be dealt with too. This means that different processes use the same master data - but for different reasons. Without correctly-functioning MDM, a jungle of business data will develop and hinder successful consolidation.


Customised data for your company

No matter whether you simply want to migrate data, or integrate several systems into one master system such as our Customer Data Hub. With our extensive project knowledge and experience we have the best solution to enable you to have a unified view of your customer data. Our focus is always on maintaining the data quality level required by your company. With Uniserv, your business partner master data will be free of redundant items, accurate, up-to-date and fully complete – just what you need to benefit from the optimal synergy effects of mergers and acquisitions.


High data quality for your processes


  • The data quality needed by your business processes and analyses
  • Support during the entire project from an experienced consultant
  • Integration of data from several businesses and function areas
  • Cost optimization with standardised methods and proven best practice models
  • Implementation of the “Single Customer View” principle
  • Accurate, indisputable data containing all relevant information