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Successful recertification by La Poste

Uniserv once again certified by La Poste including HEXACLE and HEXALIGNE 3, now also with CEDEXA.

Pforzheim, 20.07.2016 – Uniserv GmbH, the expert in successful customer data management with Smart Customer MDM with its headquarters in Pforzheim and subsidiaries in Paris, France, and Amsterdam, Holland, has once again passed the certification audit of the French post office, La Poste, with the data quality functions for standardisation and structuring and the postal validation of addresses from France to the full extent, both for Unix and Windows. In turn, users have confirmation that they can be absolutely certain of meeting the addressing requirements of the French post office when using the Uniserv products for the next two years. As a result, they profit mainly from lower postage rates as well as from guaranteed and preferential delivery of the respective items.

La Poste Zertifikat 2016

In the test process, the French post office attaches great importance to the ability of certified software solutions to deal with the specific features of the French post system. In this respect, it must be considered that a difference is made in France between the place of residence of the recipient (lieu dit) and the post town (localité d'acheminement), i.e. the location of the responsible delivery point of the post office. This concept is unique and not to be confused with the town-town district logic in other countries. For the postal validation, this means that the respective responsible post office can always be determined for the place of residence. Furthermore, French addresses are frequently not available in dedicated fields but in address lines, since the place of residence is only stated if it differs from the associated post town. In this case, certified software must also be able to deal with the shifting of information between the respective address lines.

The test itself is carried out by the SNA (Service National de l’Adresse). In this respect, the software must process 1,000 test addresses, and the result is subsequently assessed by experts of the French post office. Apart from HEXAVIA as a reference file for French streets and HEXAPOSTE, the reference file for French postcodes, the certification includes HEXACLE (reference file for French house numbers) and HEXALIGNE 3 as a reference file for secondary address unit designators or designations of geographical positions. The CEDEXA database is a new addition this year. This includes around 160,000 companies which have concluded a key account contract with the French post office. The CEDEX codes enable expedited delivery and missing elements such as PO box and street addresses can be automatically enriched. Uniserv therefore continues to be virtually the only German provider of data quality functions for France which is fully certified for all the tasks relating to RNVP (restructuration, normalisation, validation postale) for the market in France. And this is not only within the scope of the postal validation but also within the framework of comprehensive Master Data Management - with Smart Customer MDM.

Users directly from France as well as those from outside France who wish to reliably edit and process their address data for the French market profit in many respects. On the one hand, end customers can be accurately identified and written to. This is because the complete data can be validated down to the level of the house number and the surname of the addressee and corrected if necessary (data cleansing). This means a lower return rate through a precise approach and therefore a sustained reduction in the costs. Furthermore, the obtainable postage discounts have an additional positive impact. This is an aspect which is of particular interest for mass mailings.

"We are pleased that we have not only received the certification to the full extent once again, i.e. for HEXACLE and HEXALIGNE 3 as well as HEXAVIA and HEXAPOSTE but have now also integrated the CEDEXA database", says Roland Pfeiffer, CEO of Uniserv. "Uniserv therefore remains an established and, above all, reliable player for all companies in France and naturally for companies which look to France."