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Uniserv Academy officially starts the educational program

Uniserv starts 2015 with a new format to improve the knowledge on customer data management within their operative areas. Uniserv Academy is established to raise the overall awareness about the importance of customer information and to advance the common knowledge on the subject. 

Topics are carefully chosen, based on experience of Uniserv with customers and people in the field. Therefore, the Academy can aim on high quality educational programs that fit perfectly to the everyday professional life. The Uniserv Academy will work together with specialists on trending topics and knowledgeable gurus to ensure this high quality.

Uniserv Academy Programs

The Uniserv Academy offers a wide variety of educational programs and materials, including Business Seminars, Webinars, Workshops and Information Material. This offer is built on the knowledge Uniserv has gained in almost 50 years of professional experience.

Uniserv Academy is Uniserv’s new platform for advanced training and exchange with experts. "We want to convey participants’ knowledge with the Uniserv Academy and inspire them to make more of their customer data," says Holger Stelz, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Uniserv. "We will start off with topics like omni-channel marketing, data privacy, campaign management and predictive analytics for which we were able to win experts and users as speakers."

For the upcoming year, the Uniserv Academy will offer seminars in over five different countries in their own language. To make it able for professionals from other countries to attend the learning programs, the Uniserv Academy will also offer webinars in different languages. The information material is available in German, English and French and can be downloaded for free.

The first Uniserv Academy Business Seminar

On February 5, the Uniserv Academy will have the first official international business seminar in Utrecht. The topic will be Privacy and Customer Data, supported by European privacy law expert Alexander Singewald, professional experts from C-motions and our own expert in customer data management Joost Hubregtse. 

Have a look on the brand-new website

On the Uniserv Academy website, you will find a wide range of information. The Academy offers educational events as seminars, webinars, workshops and extensive information material all about customer data on their specially designed webpage.