Uniserv Engagement

Investing in the future.

Sponsoring the research award at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Since 2011, we have sponsored the research award in the field of "Algorithms for Efficient Data Processing" at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The prize is awarded annually for the best dissertation of the past academic year at the Faculty of Computer Science. The selection is based on various criteria such as degree of innovation, scope and quality of the dissertation. We cooperate closely with the KIT's Begabtenkolleg, the umbrella organisation for all scholarship programmes at the Faculty of Computer Science. As a medium-sized IT company with more than 50 years of history, we are particularly concerned with promoting innovation and the next generation of excellent specialists both inside and outside the company.


Previous award winners:

Uniserv Engagement
Uniserv Engagement
Uniserv Engagement

Scalable String and Suffix Sorting: Algorithms, Techniques, and Tools

Specification Languages for Preserving Consistency between Models of Different Languages

An architecture for programme synthesis from natural language

Performance Problem Diagnostics by System Experimentation

Architecture-Level Software Performance Models for Online Performance Prediction

High Quality Graph Partitioning

Structuring acceptance tests of graphical user interfaces on the basis of case studies



Against abuse and violence.

Prevention project at primary schools

Prevention against violence is extremely important even for the youngest children. Therefore, we support the book project of Aktionkinderschutz e.V. and thus contribute to the educational work on the topic of "Prevention of sexual abuse and violence against children". For this purpose, teaching materials for primary schools are provided. The books "Lisa discovers the world" and "Paul discovers the world" are intended to help sensitise children to be careful, but not afraid. They should recognise dangers and have the courage to talk about unpleasant events.


Regional support.

Sperlingshof Remchingen

It is also important to us to get involved regionally where the start in life and access to education may not be so easy and ideal. Therefore, we have decided to support the Sperlingshof children's and youth welfare centre in various projects. The curative education facility near Pforzheim offers young people therapeutic services, residential groups and its own school. With both financial means and donations in kind, we make a small contribution to paving the way for young people who have not always had an easy life.