Milestones of Uniserv’s business history

Uniserv GmbH was founded on the 1st July 1969. Since then, the success and continual growth of the company have been the result of its wide range of powerful software solutions and the comprehensive and competent consultation it provides.

In the 1970s our work focussed mainly on the development of standard software for address management applications. Increasing international business activities, as well as the strengthening of our presence abroad with new business partners, shaped our company development in the 1980s. In 1991 we developed special risk examination software for the insurance industry; and two years later, hundreds of large companies relied upon Uniserv software to deal with a major national reform of German postal codes.

The expansion of the product range for platforms such as UNIX, Windows NT, AS/400 and SAP R/3 in 1997 opened the way to new business fields. In 2002, SAP certified the integration of Uniserv Post and Uniserv Mail into the “mySAP Business Suite” - and Uniserv GmbH has been a firm SAP business partner since then.

With more than 3,100 program installations worldwide, Uniserv was the German market leader for data quality and address management in 2004. During the years following, our address management product portfolio has expanded with further data quality solutions. The founding of our subsidiary in France marked our expansion into Europe. In 2007, Gartner Inc. included Uniserv in its Magic Quadrant for data quality tools. In 2009, and on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, Uniserv had grown to become the largest specialised provider of data quality solutions in Europe.

Since 2010 our portfolio has expanded to include data quality products and services for data integration. We provide our customers with comfortable, holistic data management solutions for every aspect of data quality and data integration. At www.data quality-on-demand.com our customers can use holistic software as a service (SaaS) solutions for optimizing data in CRM, direct marketing and eCommerce.

In 2012 the Customer Data Hub (CDH) - the cost-attractive MDM solution with a focus on customer master data - was as added to our data management portfolio. The CDH guarantees consistent, up-to-date and readily available customer master data, and enables creation of a golden record – the essential component of customer value management. Our activities today are centred around providing a fully-complete, internationally-orientated solution portfolio for management of customer master data. Data management (linking data quality and data integration) is the focus of our range of services.

At the beginning of 2014, Uniserv made a 100% takeover of the Dutch software company Grecco B.V. together with its headquarters in Amsterdam. Grecco had been a strategic partner of Uniserv since 2013 and following the takeover has been fully integrated into the Uniserv organisation. Efficient management of customer data over its entire life cycle is a key task when dealing with the ever increasing quantities of data arising in companies today. But it now extends far beyond pure data quality management, reaching into new, non-IT fields, such as marketing/sales, data governance and data compliance. Therefore, the takeover of Grecco means that Uniserv’s product portfolio is now complete and fully prepared for this evolution. It provides the prerequisites necessary for a market presence where everything is available from a single source.

In the first quarter of 2015, Uniserv is expanding its postal validation to a universal solution with which customers can globally check and validate their address data in practically all countries of the world according to the motto "Address quality worldwide". In this way, Uniserv is taking into account for its customers the special fact that the quality of address data is critical for efficient business processes, uniform information governance and compliance and ultimately for customer satisfaction. Under the heading Business Intelligence, data quality forms an essential basis for sound strategic business decisions.  

With Ground Truth Uniserv is presenting a new solution and process methodology in 2016 with which companies can realize a 360-degree view of customers and prospects within the framework of their customer data management in order to create a reliable data basis for business decisions. Ground Truth extends Golden Records, the consolidated and quality-assured customer and prospect master data, with transaction and interaction data for the creation of Golden Profiles.  

Based on the know-how gained in the course of the Grecco takeover Uniserv is consistently pushing ahead with its structural development. The company is reorganizing itself at the beginning of 2017 and positioning itself as a specialist in customer data management with high innovative strength. This is accompanied by a consistent focus on the two strategic business segments Data Quality Solutions and Customer Data Hub Solutions. Both business segments combine core functions and competencies consisting of sales, consulting, development and service. Methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning are also increasingly finding their way into the product world of Uniserv.   

In 2018 the focus of Uniserv's activities and presence is expanding. Participation and involvement in research projects is increasing, for example with the data pitch initiative at the level of the European Union. For example, contacts with universities are also consistently extended. In this context Uniserv is also participating in a Hackathon for the first time.  

On 1st of July 2019 Uniserv is celebrating its 50th anniversary as an innovative and future-oriented company and can thus look back on half a century of experience, in accordance with the slogan "Customer Data Experts". A new and fully interactive demo, which is online since the end of the year 2019, now makes it possible to test the data quality solutions of Uniserv under real conditions.