Master Data Management
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Data management: The basis for your business success

Data management with Uniserv meets the highest demands

The data management solutions from Uniserv support you in enterprise-wide data integration. They also enable you to conveniently analyze and improve the quality of your company data.

Our data management solutions support you in


Data quality and data integration play a key role in a multitude of applications of the most important business areas, such as management, sales, marketing, finance, development or business development. They contribute significantly to the design of business processes and serve as the basis for sound business decisions. In other words: wherever you increase data quality and facilitate data integration - thus optimize your data management - you will immediately feel the positive effects on productivity, efficiency and flexibility. Not only in projects and initiatives of individual departments, but also throughout the entire company.


Efficient data management pays off everywhere

The data management solutions from Uniserv support you in the realization of your company goals. Profit from more efficient, operative business applications for:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
  • E-commerce applications

Lead direct marketing campaigns to success and ensure secure adherence to all legal requirements and regulations (compliance).

Company-wide data integration with data management solutions from Uniserv

A uniform, high-quality database enables your users to analyze data quickly within the framework of Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management and helps to react to market trends in good time, for example. Make fast and well-founded business decisions thanks to optimized data management.

Increase the efficiency of your business processes and your competitiveness through enterprise architectures with integrated data quality solutions, whether in the context of SOA-based orchestration of distributed services or in the context of a central master data management system, and choose between deployment on premises or on demand.

Definition Customer Information Management

Customer Information Management (CIM) or Customer Master Data Management (Customer MDM) means applying information management or master data management to customer information and data. This comprises three core areas: Data integration, data quality management, and master data and metadata management. This includes information governance or data governance as a bracket. Added to this are tasks such as data definition, data modeling, data classification, data archiving, data security and data protection.

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