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Integrate databases correctly after mergers & acquisitions

Today, company takeovers or mergers of subsidiaries are almost the order of the day. However, in order for the hoped-for synergy effects to occur in the form of profit maximization and sales increases, the data stocks of the companies involved must be integrated.

Merge databases during a corporate merger

Two scenarios are conceivable here: First, data from one company can be transferred to the systems of the other company as part of a migration. An alternative to data migration in the case of company mergers is the integration of all systems into one overarching system: the Customer Data Management System, an MDM for customer master data. In the Customer Data Hub, the golden record can be formed across all connected systems. This golden record ensures the 360 degree customer view needed to improve operational processes.

Challenge - redundant data sets after mergers & acquisitions

Both implementation scenarios require a high level of data quality. Incorrect data must be corrected so that only high-quality information is transferred to the target system. Different data structures of the source systems must be adapted so that data migration or integration can take place smoothly. In both scenarios, one of the biggest challenges is dealing with redundant data. In many companies, a heterogeneous landscape of applications and databases is created over the years, which are usually not synchronized with each other. In addition, in practice, customer data, product data, contract data and financial data are created and maintained by different departments such as sales, marketing, finance or manufacturing. This means that different processes access the same data master, but for different purposes. Without a functioning master data management system, this results in a proliferation of data that prevents the successful consolidation of corporate data.

Tailored database for your business

Regardless of whether you are migrating data or aiming to integrate all systems into one overarching system - such as our Customer Data Hub: With our extensive project know-how, we offer you the right solution and thus a uniform view of your customer data. The focus is always on the data quality desired for your company. We ensure redundancy-free master data with correct, up-to-date and complete business partner data. This is the data you need for mergers and acquisitions to achieve optimum synergy effects.

High data quality for your processes


  • Data as required by the business for the processes.
  • Support throughout the project by experienced consultants.
  • Integration of data from multiple plants and functional areas.
  • Cost optimization through standardized methods and proven best practice model.
  • Implementation of the Single View of Customer principle.
  • Contradiction-free data that contains all relevant information.
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