The four levels of data quality

We will show you four steps that need to be taken into account when it comes to data quality, so that in the end it can be considered a real asset for your company.

The world has become digital. And thus fast, complex and volatile. As consumers, we are increasingly buying online. Social media produce information in almost unimaginable quantities. Short message services deliver fast news. The world is permanently available on mobile devices.

Information is omnipresent, has become the central purpose of life and drives the world. Having the right information in the right situation at the right place in time is decisive for success.

The Uniserv business whitepaper 'The 4 Stages of Data Quality' shows you why you should see your customers' data as information carriers for precisely this reason and how you can create quality-assured data in four stages until it earns the title 'asset':

  • The technical and functional level of data quality.
  • The content accuracy of the data.
  • The business usability of the data.
  • Data quality as a business-critical element.

Download the Uniserv business whitepaper 'The 4 levels of data quality' now. So that in the end your customer data is considered a real asset for your company. Only the best for your data.

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