Data Analyzer

Data Analyzer: Data Profiling brings light in the darkness

Create a fast and exact overview of the state of your data

Before implementing any quality improvement measures, the actual condition of the data must be known – ideally before implementing projects such as data migration, data quality initiatives, master data management or data warehousing. Interactive data analysis (data profiling) with our Data Analyzer allows you to create a rapid and precise view of the condition of your data.

A wide range of additional information can be gained with user defined rules and metrics. With zoom-in functions, and segmentation and filtering possibilities, every aspect of customer data can be viewed. Data Analyzer enables problematic customer data to be reliably identified, allowing further measures and priorities of your data quality management to be arranged.

Data Analyzer creates the basis for targeted use of Data Cleansing and Data Protection. With the Data Quality Service Hub from Uniserv, you ensure the data consistency necessary for your processes and applications.

With the Data Analyzer you can examine & answer questions such as

  • What information is missing?
  • Where do suspicious, discordant entries appear?
  • Where does the format not suit the meaning?
  • Where are two or more attributes not consistent?
  • In what context do errors occur?
  • How does an error appear in various data segments (different regions, different acquisition periods etc.)?
  • How does the incidence of errors alter over the course of time?

Data Profiling with the Data Analyzer gives you these advantages

  • Exact knowledge instead of vague assumptions
  • Considerably faster and more efficient than customary manual analysis techniques
  • Reduced time and effort for the analysis phase of up to 90 percent
  • Highly efficient analysis of the largest data quantities
  • User-friendly, intuitive user interface
  • Simple and transparent operation for different users


Fast connection to widely differing sources such as relational databases, flat files or applications; and a simple to use wizard for loading data into the Data Analyzer.

Information for every attribute, such as the proportion of zero values and unambiguous values; as well as an overview of the values occurring and their frequency.

With three different views the Data Analyzer makes the central aspects of a table or column recognizable at a glance:

  • An overview with information about every column
  • A value view showing the different column values and their frequency
  • A data view showing complete datasets

The Drilldown function enables any desired data extracts to be viewed at the press of a key. It is soon clear in which sections especially large numbers of problems arise, and what dependencies exist to other data attributes.

User defined rules make it possible to generate a wide range of additional information according to your needs which can be then used for drilldown and analysis. User defined rules provide valuable supplementary information about a dataset. This information is added to the original dataset as an additional attribute.

Segmentation: Tables can be segmented according to differing criteria (e.g. regional segmentation, time segmentation).

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