Hybrid Model

The Hybrid Model – intelligent linking

Companies regularly involved in dealing with large volumes of customer and address data, mostly rely upon a traditional software solution when dealing with data quality. In this case, the readiness and necessary means to install, service and maintain a software solution are all available. But smaller companies are often ignored. Data quality services from the cloud however, offer a fast and uncomplicated alternative to locally installed software, and in many respects are more suitable for smaller data volumes. The gap in available services up until now has been filled by the Uniserv Hybrid Model; a perfect combination of data quality on Premise and on Demand – not an “either/or” decision - but instead, an “as well as” solution. Take advantage of both worlds: Cleanse your data flexibly and keep it readily available.


Volume tasks are dealt with by your installed software, and whenever necessary you can supplement the software with on-demand services to deal with special tasks, or ad-hoc cleansing. Cloud services can be integrated simply into your business applications with suitable connectors and interfaces.

The hybrid model could be of interest if you have already decided to cleanse your German customer master data with a local solution, because data volumes are high and used frequently; but also when international sales activities, mergers and acquisitions mean that an increasing amount of international address data is being added. In this case, paying a licence fee for an appropriate, reference address database is probably not worthwhile for the relatively low levels of international data. The smart and flexible alternative is to supplement your solution with on-demand functions.

We combine traditional installation solutions with the two on-demand approaches – mass processing and real time services. These are individually adapted to your personal requirements and have no rigid price structure, because this tailor-made version means that you only pay for the services you actually use. Integration of web services into your business applications using connectors and interfaces provides the prerequisite for your tailor-made model. The Uniserv Hybrid Model makes data quality optimisation worthwhile for any quantity, every task and in every case – virtually from the first dataset.


  • Flexible combination of data quality on demand and on-premises
  • Transparent invoicing/billing
  • Simple integration
  • Mass processing and individual checks
Uniserv Hybrid Model

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