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Keeping our customers successful is the key to our success. Uniserv focusses on ensuring high user acceptance by providing application-specifictargeted consultation to aid operation of our programs, and a wide range of training offers. We also provide comprehensive customer support for targeted and flexible use of our resources and systems.

"With us you will find knowledge and advice on all aspects of Customer Data Management."

We offer a wide range of services so that you can directly acquire both a sense and in-depth expertise in all aspects of Customer Data Management. We will consult you in your projects right from the start and also support you during the subsequent live processes.

Online Demo

You can experience our Data Quality Solutions live with the Uniserv Online Demo. No matter whether you want to check Identity Resolution, the Uniserv address verificationgeomarketing, bank details or e-mail address. This is where you can put everything to the acid test.

Benefit from our experience

Profit from our long-term experience in data quality and customer data management projects. Rely on our expertise to successfully design and manage projects.

Consulting and support for your success