Data Quality Cloud

Data quality on Demand - Software as a Service - SaaS

Our Data Quality Cloud offers a wide range of data quality functions. Simple and convenient for every need. Get an overview of the services available in the Uniserv Data Quality Cloud Portal - fast, flexible and simple.


Data Cleansing

Address cleansing: analyze, optimize, correct.

Incorrect or missing postal details are usually not recognized until it is too late. When products, letters or parcels are returned as undeliverable. When customers complain, and are already angry. With the Data Quality Cloud from Uniserv, you benefit from the best possible automatic allocation rate through sophisticated algorithms. Country-specific rules and delivery procedures are taken into account. And you have access to all knowledge bases for all countries - for data analysis, similarities and phonetics.

Country Overview - Individual Validation

Country Overview -  File Cleansing

Assign salutation codes: analyze, categorize, standardize.

The Uniserv Data Quality Cloud analyzes name elements, provides salutation codes and more. Each stock can be classified broadly: by private individuals, by company addresses with and without contact persons, by male or female. It also distinguishes between first names, surnames, titles and additions. The address key is determined on the basis of first names, titles found and job titles. 

E-mail validation: Secure delivery of e-mails.

"Undeliverable", "Your message has not reached some or all recipients", "Mail Delivery System - Undelivered mail return to sender". You are familiar with such messages in your inbox? Benefit from the Uniserv e-mail validation in the Data Quality Cloud and check your e-mail addresses for correctness and deliverability in real time with immediate effect simply and conveniently. In three steps you can check syntax, domain and mailbox and find out whether your e-mail can be delivered successfully.

Bank data check: Secure payments.

Check and convert your customers' bank details simply, conveniently and reliably. Our bank data check verifies whether the IBAN is syntactically correct, whether all the requirements for setting up an IBAN have been met and whether the IBAN can be clearly assigned to a bank. Typing errors and number shifts are thus prevented reliably. Missing bank information - such as complete bank name, bank code, BIC, postal code or city - can be enriched with reference data from Swift, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication.

Identity Resolution

Identity Resolution

Identity resolution. Synchronize customer data.

Anyone who deals with data cleansing within a CRM or data warehouse project or with list management tasks in direct marketing must inevitably deal with the topic of address duplicates or duplicate matching. This is not just about minimizing the costs of mailing. CRM and ERP can only be successful if clear customer identification is guaranteed. With the Uniserv Data Quality Cloud you dissolve duplicates and prevent new duplications. You compare your data quickly and easily. 

Synchronize relocations. 

Around 8 million people change their place of residence in Germany every year, more than 20,000 moves per day quickly make any customer database look old. With the Data Quality Cloud you can compare your data with the relocation database POSTADRESS MOVE of Deutsche Post Adress GmbH easily and in no time at all. If current, new addresses are found, your database is updated. To use this service, an additional end customer contract with Deutsche Post Adress GmbH is required.

Comparison against the deceased database.

Sad but true - even customers die. Respectful handling of this situation requires that data sets, in particular for mailings, are compared with a database of deceased persons. With the Uniserv Data Quality Cloud you can quickly and easily compare your data with the POSTADRESS CLEAN deceased database from Deutsche Post Adress GmbH. Matching data records are updated in your database. To use this service, a separate end customer contract with Deutsche Post Adress GmbH is required. 

Matching to Robinson list.

Every mailing addressed to new, unknown addresses should be checked against the Robinson list. This will avoid that someone who does not want to receive advertising receives your mailing. You save unnecessary mailings and help to ensure that new customer acquisition via mailing does not suffer discredit. The Uniserv Data Quality Cloud matches your mailing addresses quickly and efficiently against the Robinson list of the German Dialog Marketing Association (DDV).

Data Enhancement

Data Enhancement

Enrich geo data.

By adding geographic coordinates, you will gain completely new insights into your market and have access to new aspects of regional planning and performance measurement. Geo-data becomes a tool for planning and controlling branch networks, sales territories or transport routes. They are also particularly useful for the targeted development of new markets. Uniserv geocoding links customer master data with geographical characteristics from over 240 countries. The national product variants of the software take into account the respective country-specific conditions and requirements for address geocoding. 

Correct company address.

In order to benefit from a reverse charge VAT-exempt delivery, a supplier must prove that the recipient is actually a VAT-liable company established in the European Union. In order for this proof to be legally secure, in addition to a valid VAT ID belonging to the company, the correct company address is also and above all a central prerequisite. The company check supports the validation and, if necessary, direct correction of the company name as well as the company headquarters for German companies. For companies that have a corresponding entry in the commercial register, the stored data in the commercial register are reliably played back as output arguments. The correct company address is already ensured during the registration process. This accelerates the entire process and creates clarity and transparency.

Valid value added tax ID. 

In digital and networked trading, more and more companies are outsourcing their logistics to other European countries. From there they supply their German customers. If both supplier and recipient are located in different countries within the EU and are subject to VAT, the so-called reverse charge procedure can be applied. It simplifies the handling of sales tax by transferring the reporting obligations from the supplier to the recipient. A prerequisite for a VAT-exempt delivery according to the reverse charge procedure, however, is that the recipient is a company subject to VAT and that the delivered item was also purchased for the company. In this constellation, the supplier must fulfil his duty of care and prove that he has examined the facts of the case. The supplier must therefore provide proof that the recipient is actually liable to VAT. This requires a valid VAT ID belonging to the company.

The Data Quality Hybrid Model

A perfect combination of data quality on premises and on demand

Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Companies that regularly move large volumes of customer and address data usually rely on a classic software installation when it comes to data quality. In this case, the willingness as well as the necessary means to install, maintain and administer a software solution exist. Data quality services from the cloud offer a quick and uncomplicated alternative to the locally installed services in many respects, but are more suitable for smaller data volumes. The Uniserv hybrid model, the perfect combination of data quality on premise and on demand, closes this gap. Take advantage of both worlds: Clean up your data flexibly and with high availability.