Duplicate check & duplicate cleansing

Duplicate check

Duplicates are like brothers and sisters. Some are like identical twins, they look completely alike. Others look very similar, but it is not a full compliance. Some siblings are less similar, but most of the time you can still tell if you look for specific characteristics. The task of Uniserv identity is to recognise these similarities within your business partner data. Our smart algorithm searches, compares and identifies duplicates within your databases - based on the criteria defined by you.

Get the best out of your data: with our duplicate check.

Are you still searching or already finding? Identify duplicate records now!


  • Quickly search data sets and find specific duplicates
  • Effortless comparison of international data sets across different character sets and scripts
  • Error-tolerant matching of similar data sets either directly at data creation or within entire data sets
  • Individually configurable matching
  • Efficient consolidation of data from all channels and sources of a company


We are the experts for duplicate matching and duplicate cleansing.

These are our strengths:

Identification is one of our core competencies. Specially developed and continuously optimised algorithms guarantee a unique matching quality. 


Customised and comprehensive configuration of the software with the help of qualified consultants.


High-performance processing of large data volumes thanks to scalable architecture.


Identification and allocation of data sets both in real time and in bulk processing.




Goodbye data redundancies, hello clean system!

With identity you prevent redundant data records.

The Uniserv duplicate check ensures that there are no redundancies in the system. In this way, you can clearly identify data from the most varied sources: customers, suppliers, interested parties, patients or trade fair visitors. We are particularly proud of our extensive internal knowledge databases with:


  • country-specific rule and term tables
  • language-area-specific phonetics
  • Unicode-compatible matching technology and
  • address-specific fuzzy logic


Here is an example of a duplicate check:




Despite hearing, spelling or transcription errors such as nicknames, abbreviations and spellings in different scripts (Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Cyrillic, etc.), with Uniserv identity you can unerringly and reliably find duplicates in your systems or prevent their creation. Thanks to flexible integration, the identification of business partner data succeeds both in real time (single record) and in mass processing. The duplicate check can be used both On Premises and as a service via our data processing centre (Data Processing Services). 




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The easiest way to explain how the whole thing works is to give an example.

Simply type in a name at "Identity Resolution" and see what happens. 

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Optimised processes thanks to duplicate-free data.

Many sources of error due to numerous data sources.


Duplicate-free databases form the basis for optimising your processes. The allocation and consolidation of customer information across all channels also enables a 360° customer view. Both are important prerequisites for the success of your business. Your marketing addresses the customer in a targeted and personal way and the sales department can make individual and customer-specific offers. Call centre, support and helpdesk have all the information they need at their fingertips. The service offer becomes more personal. Automated processes run smoothly. No matter how many sources your data is fed from.


The Golden Record as the basis for a 360° view of the customer.

The goal in identifying duplicate records is not always to clean them up. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to deliberately have multiple customer data across different systems. It is important not to lose track of the totality of individual customer information available. Our identification and matching technologies therefore form the basis for the Uniserv Customer Data Hub. With the Customer Data Hub, you can extract your customer master data from the most varied data sources and consolidate it in the hub. The aim is to provide unique customer master data records across the entire company - the Golden Records. This means that accurate and consistent customer data is available for further use.


Uniserv identity can do more than just prevent data redundancies.

The algorithm of Uniserv identity can do even more: the matching and identification does not only work within your own database(s), of course. For example, integrate external lists into your system or match your data against external lists (e.g. the Robinson list or relocation database). With Uniserv embargo, you also automatically match against individual or multiple sanctions lists.  




"Duplicates are one of the three most common symptoms of poor data quality, with 82 per cent of mentions, along with outdated and incomplete data."

Source: Uniserv Trend Study Customer Data Management 2019




Flexible deployment

This is how our duplicate check is used.

Die Nutzung von UniservThe use of Uniserv identity is flexible according to your wishes. You can install the software on premise or we can also carry out the duplicate check for you in our in-house computer centre with the help of our Data Processing Services.

Our software solutions can be seamlessly integrated into any business process, IT architecture and application. With extensive customising options and the best-practice experience of our consultants and partners, we offer individually tailored data management solutions and can thus optimise business processes that enable our customers to operate even more successfully in the market. 

Numerous renowned companies such as Deutsche Bank, DPD, E.ON, Finanzinformatik, KIND, koelnmesse, Lufthansa, Orange, Otto, Siemens, TUI, VOLKSWAGEN and Wüstenrot & Württembergische place their trust in Uniserv.



Locally installed software solution. Data Quality on Premises

For volume tasks, for data protection reasons or simply for full control: our data quality solutions as a locally installed software solution.

Data Quality on Premises

In-house data centre. Data Processing Services

Take care of your business and we'll take care of the rest: cleansing and enrichment in our in-house data centre.

Data Processing Services







What problems do duplicates cause in a database?

Are you missing important information for an efficient and targeted customer approach? You cannot clearly identify who are trustworthy business partners? Customers are not recorded only once in your systems? Customer service and call centres cannot immediately identify who they are talking to? You do not trust the analysis results of your customer data or do not receive the desired information? Automated processes are getting bogged down? Duplicate customer data or a lack of consolidation of several data sources are often the cause here.

In which processes does identifying duplicate records play a central role?

The application possibilities around the identification of duplicate data sets are manifold. As a method in data quality management, for example, it has long been used in setting up data warehouses. Or in analytical CRM when setting up a single view of the customer. Identity resolution is also nothing new in direct marketing, where it ensures smooth processes by eliminating duplicates. But also in the consolidation of address databases, inventory cleansing, external cleansing, list merging, cluster matching, negative matching (e.g. Robinson list), positive matching for data enrichment or in international matching with different typeset spaces - the correct handling of customer identity data is decisive for success here.

Can I use the Uniserv duplicate check only when entering addresses or also for matching large data sets?

The identification and allocation of data records with Uniserv identity can be integrated into the business process in real time. But the Uniserv solution also shows its strengths in mass processing in batch runs, for example in the cleansing or merging of large databases. Thanks to the scalable architecture of the solution, a large number of data records can be processed with high performance in a short time. Your other processes are thus supplied with the required data more quickly and efficiently. Despite the diverse application scenarios and extensive configuration, Uniserv identity is installed quickly thanks to standard software and is already profitable after a very short time. No complex project is necessary for the use of Uniserv identity. Simply install Plug & Play and off you go!

Why duplicate cleansing with Uniserv identity?

With Uniserv identity, we offer an out-of-the-box total solution that immediately delivers added value - with a fast ROI. Because identification & matching are our core competencies. Specially developed and continuously optimised algorithms and diverse configuration options guarantee a unique matching quality. We do not provide you with long selection lists, but with precise hits. In addition, our experienced consultants support you in customising with specialist know-how and best-practice knowledge, if required. We offer flexible provision both on premise as locally installed software solutions at your premises or we take over the duplicate cleansing in our in-house data centre.