Identity Resolution - Who's Who?

Identity Resolution

Is there important information missing for your customer approach? Is it difficult for you to clearly identify a trustworthy business partner? Can your customer services and call centre almost immediately identify who they are speaking to?

In other words: Do you know who you are dealing with?

If you wish to create sustainable loyalty between a customer and a product, brand or service, you must know your customer well. But although the information necessary is mostly already available within your company, it is spread around different company areas and in various different applications. If everything relating to a customer could be collected together to form a single view, this would mean that, e.g., you could identify and deal with potential risks more effectively. With Uniserv’s Identity Resolution you can clearly identify your customer and create a 360° customer view. Exploit the full potential of your customer data!


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Features: What Identity Resolution can do

Uniserv’s Identity Resolution helps you to face the challenge of searching, finding and comparing customer identity data fast, and throughout all departments. Customers, suppliers, enquirers, medical patients and exhibition visitors, etc. can be clearly identified from data originating from the widest range of sources.

Internationally operating companies too are given optimal support for their processes, because Identity Resolution has comprehensive internal knowledge bases with country-specific rule and terminology tables, specific linguistic area phonetics and address-specific fuzzy logic. Errors resulting from writing mistakes, or transcription alternatives such as nicknames and abbreviations, or different writing styles with differing written characters, e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Cyrillic, etc. – all of these can be avoided with Uniserv Identity Resolution.

Thanks to its flexible integration, Identity Resolution identifies business partner data in real time, or during mass processing. It can be used as an on-premises solution, or in the cloud. Identity Resolution is installed easily and fast, and is immediately available for use.

Advantages: Profit from Identity Resolution

  • Clear identification of all business partners
  • Identify and exploit connections between different entities
  • A 360° customer view – all information in one, holistic context

    • All information components from different channels

  • Improved risk management and compliance

    • Blacklist matching

  • Cost savings with optimised processes

    • Fast identification with all data in view at once
    • Avoid returns and multiple deliveries
    • Efficient qualification of target groups

  • Sustainable customer loyalty

    • Optimised service offer
    • Targeted customer approach
    • Individual, customer-specific offers


Operational scenarios

Identity Resolution ensures that no redundant data exists in the system, and thereby optimises your processes. Allocation and consolidation of customer information across all channels – i.e., the creation of a 360° customer view – is the basis of successful CRM. Your marketing department can organize a targeted approach and address particular customers or customer groups personally, and your sales department can make individual customer-specific offers. Both of these are essential for maintaining sustainable customer loyalty.

All necessary information is immediately available in the call centre, customer support, and help desk. As a result, the service offer as a whole becomes more personal – the customer feels that he/she is being taken seriously as a respected individual. The compliance framework also enables an immediate check to be made as to whether a particular customer appears on a blacklist. Even intentionally misleading information, such as a false identity, will be revealed by Uniserv’s Identity Resolution.