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Telephone communication with customers and enquirers is often the most effective and economical form of dialogue. But telephone numbers in particular change frequently, meaning that outdated or incomplete numbers are often to be found in your system. Manual research for the correct number using directory enquiries, internet or a telephone CD requires considerable time and manual effort.

With Uniserv phone you can update German telephone numbers and enrich them with additional information or find the right subscriber for a particular telephone number. Important CRM project functions, such as the help desk, complaints management, or other customer contact management tasks are given effective support. With Uniserv phone you always have the correct telephone number available.


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Ensure correct landline and mobile numbers with the
Uniserv telephone number analysis for correct phone numbers.

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Features of the Uniserv Telephone Number Check

Uniserv phone ensures that landline and mobile telephone numbers are correct. Correct allocation of telephone number and caller is possible even when mistakes are made whilst listening, reading or typing, or when abbreviations are used. With the inverted search function your employees can display customer data on their monitor screen before accepting an inbound call, or have active and fast communication when making telephone calls from the company. If you only have a telephone number available, but want to know who you are actually dealing with, data enrichment will help you.

Uniserv phone is also suitable for all branches having large databases containing customer and enquirer information; in particular within the framework of call centre applications and other areas where intensive dialogue with customers and enquirers is required. The high performance of Uniserv phone makes allocation during batch processing possible in the shortest time – even when very large address data banks are involved.

The standard solution is flexible and easy to integrate into all customary IT landscapes. The telephone number check runs entirely within the appropriate system environment. Staff within the CRM system can perform their work as usual, whilst Uniserv phone completes and corrects missing landline and mobile numbers in the background. Your employees do not have to use “Copy & Paste” for online applications, but instead can continue to work with their usual screen display. Uniserv phone becomes an integral function and makes data input safer.



  • Customer contact management tasks are effectively supported
  • Processes are optimised by reducing unnecessary actions: saving time and ensuring correctness during input, and thereby saving resources and costs
  • Completion of data stocks with data enrichment
  • Easy integration into your processes and system environment