Data Quality Cloud Services

Data Quality Lösungen in der Cloud

Flexible, scalable and easy to integrate: our data quality services from the cloud. Address, e-mail, bank data or company validation. In addition to short project times, high scalability and flexibility you benefit in particular from simple integration via web service or direct use in the browser. 

Uniserv CONNECT: Data Quality Cloud Services

Our services from the Cloud.


In the brand-new, universal CONNECT customer portal, you manage all your Data Quality Cloud services and your account information simply and clearly. Monitor and optimize the quality of your data directly as you enter it. Interactively check address, contact, company and bank data.

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Take advantage of our Data Quality Cloud Services.

Here is a small insight into our customer portal CONNECT:



The benefits of our Data Quality Cloud Services.

At a glance:

  • Short project times
  • Low risk
  • High scalability and flexibility
  • High user acceptance due to easy handling
  • Calculation security
  • Less complexity
  • Little infrastructure required
  • Easy integration with other web applications
  • High availability


Optimize business partner data.

We offer the following data quality services from the cloud:


Address validation, autocompletion and geocoding

With our address validation you can check, correct and update your address data from around the world. The detailed, multiple house-number-address comparison feature, ensures that your address data always has the highest quality.

More on address validation

E-Mail validation

With the e-mail validation you check the format and structure of each individual address element. As well as checking syntax, it also confirms the existence of the addressed domain and ensures that the addressee has an email account in the domain.

More on E-Mail validation

Bankdata validation

You can use the bank check to verify whether the IBAN syntax is correct; that all information required for generating an IBAN is fulfilled and that the IBAN can be clearly allocated to a specific bank.

More on Bankdata validation

Phone number analysis

The phone number analysis ensures that landline and mobile telephone numbers are correct. The data entered is checked for plausibility, converted into a uniform data format and checked for their type.

Company validation

The Company Check supports you in securing and checking company addresses in combination with the VAT ID.

Name analysis

Uniserv's smart input supports you in checking personal data. The system recognizes the unstructured data entered and assigns them to the correct data fields.



Data Quality in the Hybrid Model

Combine DQ Services from the Cloud & On Premises


Datenqualität im Hybridmodell

Both on-premises and cloud models have their advantages. So why not use the best of both worlds? With the Uniserv hybrid model, you combine the classic installation solutions with our services from the cloud. Volume tasks are handled by the locally installed software, while the cloud solution is required for special tasks or ad hoc cleanups. Together, we tailor the combination to your individual requirements: flexible, highly available and customized for you.




You do not have to worry about the security of your data

We are DDV certified

High security measures for access to the data center and for access to the data, encrypted data transmission using the SSL protocol, and an explicit obligation on the part of our employees to maintain data secrecy are a matter of course for us. The processing data is protected against unauthorized access by a multi-level firewall-based security system.

In our company all requirements and guidelines of both the European Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO) and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) are strictly observed. In addition, we are DDV-certified. This seal of quality is only awarded to companies that allow themselves to be scrutinized by an independent data protection auditing company. This gives our customers the assurance that their data is handled in accordance with data protection regulations.

DDV-Siegel für Datenverarbeitung