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Data Quality Solutions for the Retail Branch

Convince the purchaser immediately – an individual approach is invaluable

Retail Solutions - John Wanamaker

John Wanamaker was a pioneer of modern marketing, who, at the end of the 19th century, realised that his marketing measures did not achieve their desired success. However, he did not yet have our modern means for analysis and researching causes.

Today, there are many different methods available for retail companies to achieve a targeted customer approach. Particularly in the field of e-commerce, big data analyses, tracking user behaviour, and A/B tests, all enable companies to finely adjust their websites.

Such individualisation is also important in over-the-counter trading, as well as traditional catalogue and mail-order business. Printed media coordinated to specific customer segments, coupon campaigns based on the purchasing history in loyalty systems, or specific after-sales service for premium products - these all have one thing in common. They require detailed knowledge about customers, their behaviour, as well as their preferences and needs. 

To gather this knowledge, a wide range of data sources must be integrated and combined in a uniform format. Uniserv can support you here, with its expert solutions for integration, duplicate checks and cleansing customer data.

Persona Process - Retail Solutions

Personas – What does your customer structure consist of?

Each persona is formed by analysing all knowledge available about the customer. Social-demographic factors, together with other aspects, such as access points, contact behaviour and transaction history (conversions, returned deliveries, cancelled shopping basket entries, etc.) are all used to identify patterns and similarities. This means that large quantities of data with differing source formats must be normalised and combined, e.g. with the data quality solutions from Uniserv

To enable companies to rapidly profit from their data stocks, whilst at the same time complying with legal demands (for example the EU General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR), central master data management systems (such as Uniserv’s Smart Customer MDM) have now become established. Thanks to their ability to integrate all relevant sources, these data management systems enable rapid and uncomplicated access to the information required.

Rebecca Return, (26): Informs herself regularly on fashion blogs and social media about the latest trends, often shopping several sizes of the same article; high return rate, shopping mainly mobile on the way to work.

Customers – Do you really know exactly who they are?

As well as having the necessary contents for the customer approach with individually tailored offers, a formally correct approach is essential. Ensuring customer loyalty means that companies must show their esteem for the customer and provide added value in the business relationship. This added value is mostly defined by the products and the services surrounding them. These services can include relevant purchase recommendations, competent and well-informed employees; and particularly in the case of remote trading, reliable delivery.

Together with choosing the right fulfilment partner, high quality customer master data is also a decisive factor. When there are several different customer touchpoints available for making contact, duplicates and incorrect datasets will occur in your master data stocks. Customers can register several times, or move to a new address without notifying you, or change their names due to altered personal circumstances. Therefore, to guarantee a professional appearance and an appreciative approach with correct data, we recommend the measures shown below.

The solution portfolio from Uniserv fully supports all procedural steps, ranging from analysis, to constantly guaranteeing high data quality. Our data cleansing tools help you with initial cleansing of your current master data. Data Protection enables you to reduce erroneous new entries, and the Data Quality Scorecard shows you the quality status of your master data at all times.

One-to-One – the supreme discipline of customer approach

To effectively implement the anonymous information of persona creation, your real customers are each allocated their appropriate persona. This connection of information can then be used within the framework of personalising to develop the most effective approach. Actual customer data (such as purchase history and preferred touchpoints) is linked to the characteristics and strategies established for each persona. For price-conscious purchasers who prefer to use social media, overlays about rebate campaigns can be booked with Facebook; whilst traditional offline customers can be given rebate coupons and invited to a special event at the local retail branch.

ebay - OTTO - EDEKA

Important here is that customer-specific information really is considered. Nothing is more damaging for customer loyalty than unnecessary or annoying advertising. Also, personalising makes high demands on your infrastructure, especially in the field of e-commerce. Efficient targeting requires that all information is made readily available in real time, and that this is considered at the front end.

As much information as possible must be evaluated immediately during each initial entry into the online presence:

  • Is the visitor already known and identifiable? 
  • What stage has the customer reached on their journey? 
  • What other external factors (geolocation, social-demographic data, device used, any many more) are determinable and relevant?

This means that readily available and high-performance back end systems are required that can also deal with peak loads. Uniserv provides the perfect foundation with its combination of on-premises installations and on-demand outsourcing of processing in our cloud infrastructure.

Intensify customer loyalty - and profit in the long term

As well as the use of analyses for direct marketing, they can also help to establish long term customer relationships. For example, you can use the data to identify early adopters in your customer base. This is especially valuable for testing new services and for innovative approaches, such as in-store localization concepts, conversational marketing using bots in messenger services, etc. It is also indispensable for generating positive ratings, because alongside the provider’s reputation, the ratings of other customers have now become an established factor in the customer journey.

We make your data fit for long term customer loyalty! Uniserv’s customer data experts help you to configure and structure your information logistics. And this fully reflects our credo: Better Data. Better Business.