Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform

Customer experience management based upon consolidated data

A successful customer journey means that you give your customers a personalised and seamless experience across all touchpoints to your business. Successful customer interaction across multiple channels results in higher customer loyalty, greater customer satisfaction, and increases cross-selling potential.

Customer Journey Experience

Customer journey management is a solvable challenge

To ensure an optimal customer journey the individuality of each customer must be well considered. The necessary information must therefore be collected at different touchpoints to your business. However, this can pose considerable challenges for many companies. 

Data collected during each individual customer journey must pass through many different systems and is stored at different locations, and this means that data silos form. The result is that you must rely on heterogeneous data sources with differing information about customers and business partners. Outdated, duplicated, erroneous and missing information makes coherent and individual interaction with the customer extremely difficult.

The solution? A uniform Customer Data Platform (CDP) as the basis for all systems using customer-related data. Give yourself an all-encompassing 360-degree view of your customers and business partners - always and everywhere.

Golden Profile

Centralised and structured data control
Linking isolated data
Unambiguous customer profiles
Data protection and data security

Customer Data Platform (CDP) with a 360-degree customer view

Aufbau Golden Profile

Every successful and individual customer journey requires a consistent and correct customer database throughout all systems. Marketing and Sales can then develop lead and campaign management individually for each customer and across all channels. This unified and comprehensive data basis supports your multi- and omnichannel management. The Customer Data Platform consolidates corresponding customer data and enriches each dataset with additional information from the widest range of sources. The information base for customer master data is constantly examined, cleansed and enriched - in real time and at all relevant touchpoints. A 360-degree view of the customer is created – in all departments and systems.


This 360-degree view is achieved by forming a Golden Record, where all customer-related information is consolidated into a single dataset. A Golden Profile is then created from the golden record, and this provides the constant high-quality data required for successful Customer Data Management on a single platform, the Customer Data Platform.