Data Quality Solutions from Uniserv

Data Quality

High data quality with Uniserv data quality solutions

Data plays a key role in many company areas, such as sales, marketing and finance. To get the best out of the data, it must be maintained, protected and monitored over its entire life cycle. Data quality is a core element of Uniserv company philosophy and the product offers it makes. Our customised solutions make your customer master data the success factor of your company.

The Data Quality Service Hub ensures high level customer data quality at every location in your company – and at international level. We offer you correction of your address information according to international standards and based on first-class reference data. We also check email addresses, telephone numbers and bank data  at different levels. If you have redundant items in your data, we can flexibly search for duplicates according to your business rules. These items found can be mostly consolidated automatically based on prescribed rules, or sorted for manual reprocessing.

By enriching your master data with business relevant information, its value can increase, e.g., by supplementing addresses with geo-coordinates or with branch keys. Data quality solutions can be incorporated into your business processes either in real time, or as batch processing, and according to your individual needs. You can also use a wide range of data quality functions flexibly in the cloud. Uniserv gives you the high quality data basis which answers your demands entirely. But this not only means an increase in the efficiency of your employees; it also means that your company processes run more smoothly, that you can act and react more successfully in the market, and that the results will soon show a positive effect on your company figures. In other words: Better Data = Better Business.

Data quality can be a challenge without the suitable tools

  • Poor data quality in all company applications
  • Data quality not checked at point of entry
  • Data quality deterioration due to data deterioration ageing
  • Minimum time available for basic cleansing of customer master data
  • Low budget for data quality optimisation

Data quality solutions from Uniserv give you the following advantages

  • The data quality level required is always available
  • Data quality solutions from a single source
  • Implementation by experienced consultants
  • Can be operated with all customary platforms (UNIX, Windows etc.)
  • Training in the use of the tools
  • International address validation and address correction - world-wide
  • over 40 years’ experience with constructing reference tables
  • Cost optimisation with individual hybrid solutions
  • Optimised data quality for efficient and profitable work

Signs of poor data quality

When is data quality actually poor?

Similar symptoms of poor data quality often arise during discussions with our customers and employees from different specialist departments. These symptoms allow reference points for concrete data quality initiatives to be established and initial ideas for catalogue of measures to be created.

Signs of poor data quality include:

  • Repeated customer and business partner data in the system
  • Contact person is not current
  • High return rates for mailing campaigns due to incorrect or incomplete addresses
  • Customer complain about multiple deliveries of the same advertising material
  • Low response rates for marketing campaigns
  • Incorrect salutation in letters and address lines when, e.g., Mr Catherine Miller and Mrs Walter Smith receive post from you
  • Cross-and up-selling possibilities can not be identified
  • Low user acceptance and complaints from employees
  • Legal requirements cannot be complied with
  • Poor planning safety: strategic decisions are made only with great uncertainty