Master Data Management solutions

Master Data Management

360° customer view with Uniserv MDM

In many companies there is an uncontrolled growth of data: master data is often stored in a wide range of applications and databases. Customer data, product data, contract and financial data is registered, used, and maintained by different departments. Changes in master data are not always reflected in all systems. Consolidation of data is often difficult or not done at all. The data and system landscape no longer meets the demands of business. Also, in many cases, legal requirements or internal Data Governance Rules cannot be complied with.

With the data managagement solution from Uniserv you can create a unified view of your customer master data. Master data from different sources can be integrated and consolidated company-wide. Chief Data Officers and Data Stewards are in the position to effectively manage high quality company master data.

Intelligent and error-tolerant matching algorithms ensure that all existing information about a customer is found and consolidated in an MDM system. This is the prerequisite for being able to create a 360° customer view. You can create this all-encompassing view of the customer with the support of our data quality products, such as Identity Resolution and Postal Address Check

With the Uniserv Customer Data Hub you always have a clear view of your high quality customer master data.

Without effective tools Master Data Management can be a challenge

  • Multiple heterogeneous data sources and different data structures
  • Redundant items in master data, systems and beyond
  • Data sources have differing quality levels
  • Complicated meta data administration
  • Redundant items cause incorrect matching
  • Creation of a golden record (and thereby a 360° customer view) is not possible
  • Quality of the data basis is insufficient for later operative business processes relying upon it
  • Manual, irregular monitoring of data quality

Uniserv MDM gives you the following advantages

  • Good scaleability: you decide which data sources are to be integrated, and when and how
  • Minimally invasive: master data management without interrupting running business
  • Fast implementation and rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • Data in the form required by the business for its processes
  • 360° customer view
  • Support from an experienced consultant during the entire project
  • Data Stewardship support with processes and procedures
  • Integration of several operational function areas
  • Cost optimisation with standardised methods and proven best practice models
  • Permanent transparency for specialist fields and IT management
  • Optimised data quality for efficient and profitable customer master data
  • Support during the change process within the framework of the project
  • Implementation of the Single Customer View principle
  • Unambiguous data containing all relevant information

Master Data Management for Customer Data

Master Data Management for Customer Data

The golden record is the very heart of customer data integration. It enables and ensures consistency of customer data from all data sources: A 360° customer view is possible.