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Below you find news, events, press releases, specialist reports, white paper, best practices and many more all about customer data management.

Business Paper

Measurable Data Quality - 5 tips for transparency instead of gut feeling

There is often nothing more than a vague gut feeling when it comes to the quality of one's own data. So how do you make it measurable?


New Uniserv customer portal CONNECT is live

CONNECT bundles all data quality cloud services and new features on a central platform.

Business Topics

Successful implementation of AI data management projects

Identify and overcome stumbling stones and barriers before they become a problem.

Business Topics

Duplicate matching for correct address data

Everybody involved with data cleansing in a CRM or data warehouse project, or who has dealt with the tasks of list management in direct marketing, knows the problem: consolidating address data without...


Uniserv SARL moves into new offices in Paris, 59 rue de Châteaudun

Uniserv, the market leader in data management, has chosen this new location in the heart of Paris as a base for further growth in France.

Business Topics

Customer Data Platform - clever and smart if chosen well

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) needs to be chosen wisely so that it is and remains 'fit for purpose'.

Press Releases

Uniserv and DZ Bank investigate the use of AI to clean up master data duplicates

Automated duplicate cleansing should be even more efficient and faster.

Press Releases

Retail sector needs new concepts for omni channel commerce

Connecting stationary with online is the formula of success.

Business Topics

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Vision and Reality

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are not just topics discussed in professional IT circles. German companies run the risk of losing their position in the field.

Business Topics

Artificial intelligence in publishing

The future for AI has begun. Also for publishers. What is happening right now and which industries are already in AI?