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5 Steps to perfect Customer Service

Optimize your customer service: 5 Steps to perfect Customer Service

Challenge Customer Journey

Companies and their customers are in a dynamic and complex environment. The markets are saturated, products and services are increasingly interchangeable. In addition, customers are becoming more critical: they want to be better informed about products than just about advertising messages. They expect the company to respond at every customer touchpoint to their individual needs.

360°- View of the Customer

To address the customers with tailored information and offers, companies need a 360° view of the customer. However, the knowledge about the customer is often distributed in data silos across departments and locations. Thus, it is not an easy task to identify the relevant customer information in a variety of systems, such as CRM and ERP, hotlines, support portals and web shops and link to each other.

Success Factor Master Data Management

You can significantly improve the efficiency of your processes if you lift your existing data treasures and use them for a perfect customer experience. Right here you Uniserv supports you with Smart Customer MDM, the complete solution for an effective master data management for customer master data, and our 5-step plan:

  1. Improve Data Quality
    Customer data often exists in varying quality in terms of accuracy and completeness within various data pools. This leads to inconsistent and redundant data that does not meet the requirements of a perfect customer service. With our Data Quality tools (e.g. email address check) you create reliable data that your employees can work with efficiently.

  2. Consolidate Data
    If the quality of data is ensured, the customer data should be summarised into one Golden Record across different processes and systems. So the data remains consistent and is not stored multiple times in different systems unnecessarily.

  3. Make Data more valuable
    By enriching the records with e.g. geocoordinates or other marketing-relevant information you make your data more valuable and you give your customers a sharper profile. This way you can respond to their needs even more targeted.

  4. Make Data available centrally
    Once the Golden Record exists, it must be available for all customer-oriented business processes and at the same time comply with data privacy requirements and other restrictions. This way you manage and coordinate your powerful master data management with reliable customer data. Customer centricity remains not only a theoretical concept.

  5. Data Governance
    In order to sustainably provide quality-assured customer data, they must be organised and controlled by a superordinate data governance. Thereby responsibilities are defined, business processes consolidated and guidelines for data usage created and enforced. Smart Customer MDM supports in monitoring the compliance of the defined guidlines continuously.