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E-Commerce - Better Data. Better Business.

The customer in Focus

Online trading has put conventional trading structures into disarray, and its importance will continue to increase and affect all branches over the next years. Acquiring and retaining customers is subject to strong competition.

An e-commerce dealer seeking success must place considerable importance on communications with customers. Speed is of the upmost importance; if a customer does not receive suitable, relevant offers in real time, it is likely that he (or she) will decide for the competition.

Best practices have proven that specific product overlays shown to customers (e.g. in a web shop), and tailored to the customer’s individual search habits and needs, are more likely to result in a purchase than when nothing is shown.

This means that comprehensive knowledge about the customer is necessary in advance, which with the help of the customer data collected by different interfaces in the ideal situation leads to a 360° customer view. For this purpose, offline and online data must be matched against each other – in real-time.

Consolidation of the data gained, and subsequent profitable use for the benefit of your own company is one of the major challenges faced by the online trading industry.

Create a valid database and use it intelligently

Polluted customer master data in online trading not only incurs avoidable costs, for example, when orders cannot be delivered due to incorrect addresses, or when warning procedures cannot run smoothly. It also restricts the creation of a 360° Customer Data View necessary for customer loyalty, and can torpedo efforts made to carefully build up a customer relationship.

Duplicates dilute the view of the customer and can result in up-selling and cross-selling potential not being commercially exploited. To match records against blacklists for avoiding attempted fraud and financial losses is a challenge repeatedly faced by successful eCommerce dealers. Data comparison in real time, postal checks during data input, and linking of customer data, all build the foundation for successful business models in online trading in the future.

E-Commerce: Better Data. Better Business.

With high quality customer master data to success

Uniserv offers a wide range of Data Quality Solutions and Data Management Solutions for creating the foundations for successful online trading.

The Smart Customer MDM solution ensure valid master data, thereby enabling efficient customer management.

Updated, correct and consistent data from the time of input ensures reliable goods deliveries, rapid money flow, plannable turnover and satisfied customers.

Enriched with the suitable data, such as historical data or tracking analyses, a data basis is created which enables optimal customer care, whilst at the same time hindering payment shortfalls due to attempted fraud. Updated and accurate customer data also enables identification and exploitation of up-selling and cross-selling potential.