Smart Customer MDM

Effective Customer Data Management

Customers are no longer just purely passive consumers, but have become active producers of information. They discuss, evaluate, criticize products and services in the social channels. Thereby the expectations of the customer to products and services continues to grow. Companies have realized: To retain customers you have to offer a high added value. It has been shown that the main driver for customer data management is the customer loyalty. And therefor you have to know your customers.

The company's success is closely linked to the efficient management of customer data. The premise: a 360 ° Customer View across all channels. The key: powerful Master Data Management tools. The result: customer-centric company with loyal customers.

Our clients often operate globally and each of its tasks is unique. That is why we do not just sell software, but support our customers on their way to project success. Smart Customer MDM, our master data management solution for customer data, combines technology, processes and services with each other to ensure a 360° Customer View in all areas and channels. With the matching of the customer data in your systems, the identification of duplicates, the data enrichment and the formation of Golden Records we create with Smart Customer MDM the comprehensive, clear and up-to-date view of your customers.

The introduction of Smart Customer MDM requires no complex integration project nor any changes in the existing data models. Depending on customer requirements, the framework can be individually supplemented by additional function blocks. Thus, the implementation time and the architecture is accordingly slim. You increase your ROI quickly with Smart Customer MDM. Just Smart!