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Retail and Loyalty: is 360° Customer View the right way?

Each and every year retailing companies are continuously faced with pressure from their competitors. Saturated markets, and aggressive price policies made more intense by the increasing importance of online trading, put the whole branch into disarray. 

A dynamic market requires high flexibility

Customers today want choice, price transparency and personal recommendations - preferably all at the same time and immediately. The readiness of customers to change to other suppliers is clearly higher than it was just a few years ago.

Customer loyalty must be re-earned every day, because an unsatisfied customer is a potential new customer for the competition. The trend towards multi-, omni- and cross-channel sales, means that sales and marketing channels increasingly merge together.

To achieve success in the market, you must know as much as possible about your customers, and be able to address them authentically, also by using social media channels and mobile commerce opportunities. But as well as needing increased personnel resources, this requires enormous flexibility and detailed information about consumers’ purchase behaviour.

Retail and Loyalty: is 360° Customer View the right way?

Implement customer analyses profitably

To be able to deepen customer relationships in the retail branch means identifying customer master data, giving it a rational structure and showing its inter-relationships. The target: a 360° Customer View. 

During this process, enormous quantities of highly complex data rapidly develop. With suitable software tools, traders can gain analytic customer information from which they can then develop individual sales and contact strategies. Analyses of purchase behaviour, determination of trends and identification of personal customer wishes are not possible without professional data management. This applies across all branches; for high street retailing, as well as for all forms of E-Commerce trading.

Efficient and successful

To be able to operate successfully as a retail company, widely-different stocks of data must be consolidated, called up in real time, and integrated error-free. As a dealer you must be able to be certain that this data is correct and representative at all times.

Uniserv creates these prerequisites with its data management and data quality solutions, and optimises your processes with products specifically coordinated to your individual needs. Business solutions of Uniserv also ensure that you have a single, unified, cleansed and integrated view of your business processes.

Customer Data Hub

The Smart Customer MDM from Uniserv is a cost-attractive and lean MDM solution, which enables you to achieve successful management of your customer master data. You can administer your customer master data fast and effectively, and increase your Customer Lifetime Value. 

Use Smart Customer MDM to create a 360° Customer View and perform successfully in the market; because sustainable customer loyalty is only possible when you thoroughly know your customer.

The prerequisite is consistent, updated customer master data, kept at a high quality level throughout its entire life cycle. Professional data management ensures effective sales structures and guarantees your competitiveness.