Business Paper

The Digital Company - Customer Experience Management as a Critical Success Factor

Dr Wolfgang Martin, Analyst

The digitalisation of the world revolutionised traditional customer relationships. In the digital world, which arises from the fusion of real and virtual worlds, the new struggle for power between consumers and businesses now takes place as a struggle for the data.

After all, who has the data, also has the power. Companies lure customers with new experiences and want data as a reward. Customers want data on deals and prices to get the best products and services. Here analysis becomes sine qua non, because analytics makes from data the necessary knowledge, which provides the transparent customer to the companies and the transparent market to the customers.

The innovations in information technology drive the digitalisation of the world. Cloud, Social, Mobile, Big Data and the Internet of Things revolutionise the world we are living in, just as fundamental in due course the steam engine, which broke down and restructured society, economy, political systems, even state systems. At the center of this revolution is - then as now - the human whose living and working conditions is circulating accordingly.