New customer portal CONNECT is live

New Uniserv customer portal CONNECT

Experience Data Quality Services from the Cloud

It's new, it's chic, and there's a lot of heart and soul in it: today, June 01, 2021, sees the launch of Uniserv CONNECT, the brand-new, universal customer portal. It replaces the Uniserv Data Quality Center. From now on, Uniserv CONNECT is the hub for all your DQ Cloud Services and thus your initiatives around data quality. And it is eager to be discovered by you.

Uniserv CONNECT, which has been redesigned from the ground up, bundles all activities relating to Uniserv's DQ Cloud Services as well as the complete account information in a clear, contemporary interface. 'Smooth and smart' with intuitive navigation, clear page layout and many new features, such as interactive statistics in a holistic dashboard.

But that's not all. CONNECT will gradually be expanded to include further topics and services, such as the download of the on-premise solutions for data quality and the reference data as well as the activation of the licenses.

Thus, Uniserv CONNECT is the new, strong connection. To facilitate and improve your daily work with regard to data quality processes - that is the primary objective. With Uniserv CONNECT, we are not only modernizing the processing interface, but also our joint cooperation on your projects.

Here is a little insight into our customer portal CONNECT:



For example, you want to see the statistics for your account at a glance at the touch of a button? Do you want to flexibly add or deduct services and/or adjust quantity structures to new circumstances at short notice? Do you want to quickly check the current status? The new Uniserv CONNECT now offers you this and much more - quickly and easily, and in full compliance with data protection regulations. This means that you are on the safe side at all times.


"Intuitive and personal on the surface, efficient and functional at the core - with CONNECT, we have the ideal tool for the management of business partner data in terms of data quality,"

Mathias Diener, Managing Director at Uniserv, summarizes the user experience of the new Uniserv CONNECT.

Fadila Mumbasic, Team Leader DQ Software Engineering at Uniserv, developed Uniserv CONNECT together with her team:

"With the new Uniserv CONNECT, we have above all taken into account digitalization, regulation, e.g. through the DSGVO, as well as the wishes of our customers, e.g. for more flexibility and scope, namely to offer the Uniserv cloud services in a portal quickly, clearly and flexibly. These aspects were both drivers and incentives for us for the new development."


Max Krumpe, Junior Software Engineer at Uniserv, summarizes his impression like this:

"With a view to the future, Uniserv CONNECT opens up a lot of possibilities and scope in the digital world. I personally particularly like the modern, simple and intuitive handling of Uniserv CONNECT, the processing of our cloud services in order to find an ideal entry point in these, as well as the interactive statistics."