Smart Customer MDM

Smart Customer MDM

The core of professional Customer Master Data Management is the Golden Record. But to enable the Golden Record to fulfil its role effectively, a holistic MDM concept is necessary. This concept is provided by Uniserv Smart Customer MDM. Why “Smart”? Because it is a convincing solution, with short implementation times and lean architecture. With it you will achieve an ROI quite unique in the segment of customer MDM. Our Master Data Management solution for Customer Master Data combines technologies, processes and services to provide a 360° customer view covering all areas and channels. By matching the customer data existing in each part of your systems, identifying and removing duplicates, and forming a Golden Record; we create a comprehensive, unambiguous, and absolutely up-to-date view of your customers.


  • being a hosted solution, no software installation is necessary
  • no complex integration projects and no changes to existing data models are necessary
  • risks are reduced to a minimum because existing systems and process landscapes are retained
  • flexible service level agreements based on “pay-as-you-go”
  • high project scalability enables lean introduction and gradual expansion
  • operationally ready in 3 months - thanks to lean integration and rapid deployment assistance
  • rapid ROI

Added Value for Business Processes

  • Smart Customer MDM for Marketing
    = Organize campaigns effectively and simultaneously reduce effort 
  • Smart Customer MDM for Sales
    = Fully exploit cross- and up-selling potential across all channels
  • Smart Customer MDM for IT
    = Seamless integration into existing system landscapes, with flexible scalability
  • Smart Customer MDM for Data Governance
    = Eradicate data silos, establish lean processes and minimise risks
  • Smart Customer MDM for the Whole Company
    = Growth and further development - thanks to correct strategic decisions being made, based upon accurate and correct analyses
Smart Customer MDM combines technologies, processes and services to give a 360° customer view across all areas and channels.
Smart Customer MDM

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