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Data Quality for Data Steward & Call Center Agent with Autocompletion


Perfect support for power users

Conveniently enter addresses of customers, suppliers or other business partners into your company applications within seconds - with Uniserv autocompletion, our supplement to our address validation. With its API-centeredness, Uniserv autocompletion can be integrated into classic and 'headless' architecture. The solution searches automatically with any fragments of postal code, city name, partial city name or street name in our extensive reference database and delivers all hits matching the input.

Due to the selection option after only a few characters, considerably fewer keystrokes are required per address: this results in time and resource savings. Power users, e.g. in call centers, work much more productively when entering and maintaining data in central systems.

The data steward typically first enters the postal code and a few digits of the street as well as the house number, because this requires the fewest number of keystrokes for unique identification. In some countries (e.g., Great Britain and the Netherlands), only the postal code and house number are sufficient for unique identification.

This is how Address Rapid Entry works



The data steward typically enters the postal code first, along with a few digits of the street and the house number, because this requires the fewest number of keystrokes for unique identification.


With each additional character entered for the street, the search is automatically refined. The result becomes unique.


One click - and everything is in the right field! This leads to a significant reduction: typically 60 to 70 percent fewer characters have to be typed in this way.

Increase your productivity

Data stewards typically work with desktop and keyboard, but even here - especially when things have to go fast - typos happen. Spelling errors, typos, missing letters or whole words, hearing errors as well as typo abbreviations no longer cause problems thanks to intelligent error tolerance.

Instead of entering the address in different fields of a data entry mask, the data steward can optionally search with autocompletion: format-free and error-tolerant, as he is used to from the common search engines. Instead of cumbersome correction or switching to different data entry fields, a continuous writing flow is created. Another advantage is that the user does not have to worry about the structure of the address and the assignment to fields of an entry mask.

We recommend to set the single-line input field known from search engines as an additional field above the actual data entry mask. If this is not suitable for your application, you also have the option to offer autocompletion to the data steward as support when entering the individual fields directly in the entry mask.

Uniserv autocompletion can be easily integrated via API into all forms, websites, portals or the most diverse customer applications.

Our consulting team will be happy to advise you on the various possible solutions for address validation and the design of address capture masks - always with the aim of increasing data quality and productivity.


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Your advantages of address search in real time

Whether in call center applications, in service or in CRM systems: The time required as well as the risk of errors due to typing errors during data entry are drastically reduced with Uniserv autocompletion. The real-time address validation provides a maximum of quality and accuracy in your systems. Even international address formats are easy to understand and to enter in the systems. In this way, you increase employee productivity and satisfaction.

  • Fewer typing errors due to error tolerance as well as automatic address selection and completion.
  • Increased time savings and employee satisfaction through simplified and faster data collection processes.
  • Faster and more convenient address entry: 70 percent fewer keystrokes required.
  • Increase employee productivity.
  • Continuous flow on input.
  • Reduced support-costs through quality-assured data from the beginning.
  • Correctly capture international address formats even without knowing the correct field-specific mapping of the data.
  • No more address entry errors: automatic detection and correction of typos, abbreviations and suggestion of the correct address. Phonetic similarity to compensate for hearing errors for use in call centers.
  • Maximum of quality and accuracy.
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