Data Quality Audit & Data Quality Check for your Corporate Data

Data Quality Audit

Introduction to our Data Quality Audit and Data Quality Analysis Service

Do you want to know what state your data quality is in, and what you can do about it? Should work in your company be more efficient and successful? Do you want to prepare your business for expected increased growth? Then you should not neglect the quality of your data! Our experience has shown that in most companies, there is seldom a good overview across all systems, processes, or even the quality of data. But to work profitably with customer data and systems across all departments, an overview must first be created. Only then can measures for optimizing be started. The data must be made “fit”, to be able to comply with differing individual demands. The prerequisite for successful sales, safe company planning, efficient marketing, and good customer service - is high quality customer data.

To raise the quality of your customer master data to the right level, it must be clear in what condition the data is currently in. With the Uniserv Data Quality Audit, we determine the quality status quo, whereby not only the data stands in focus. Instead, the individual demands on the data for information from different specialist departments, as well as the creation and processing procedures, are examined interactively. Individual stock analyses then provide improvement recommendations i.e., solution concepts for successful data optimization. The last step of the data quality audit is to consolidate the evaluation of the results. The results of the data quality audits are them presented by our staff in the form of statistics and representative examples. You also receive a written report as an MS-PowerPoint presentation. The data quality audit presents data from your processes in the entire context of your company-wide data management. The result and benefit for you: maximum data transparency.

Data Quality Audit Process

The Data Quality Audit consists of two parts. With the Data Analyzer, our profiling tool, we create an exact overview of the condition of your data, and make an evaluation based upon previously decided data quality criterion. We also examine the processes, in which ideally, the DQ criterion is fixed by business rules. Together with the leaders of the specialist departments involved, concrete demands on data are determined in an introductory workshop. This information gives ideas about the quality standard required.

You can decide where the data quality analysis takes place. We can perform it either at our headquarters in Pforzheim, or in your company with our experts using their own notebook PCs, or by using your company computer system (the necessary software is downloaded locally). You receive the results of the analysis at the end of operations in the form of comprehensive documentation. Particular attention is paid to possible discrepancies between the quality of the data itself, and the quality required by your processes. We use this individual situation analysis as a basis for improvement recommendations, i.e., we create a solution concept for successfully optimizing your data.

Uniserv Data Quality Audit

Targets of the Data Quality Audit

  • Concrete statements about the status quo of data quality from the customer’s point of view
  • Guidance recommendations, i.e., a solution concept for optimizing data quality at short notice and maintaining the level achieved in the long term
  • Identifying potential process-optimizing opportunities
  • Overview of possible saving potential