Plausibility check of the VAT ID

Ensure that your customers are actually VAT-registered companies in Germany and benefit from the reverse charge procedure.

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In order to benefit from VAT-exempt supply under the reverse charge procedure, you must prove that the recipient of your goods is actually a VAT-registered company. The prerequisites for this are correct company addresses and the valid VAT ID. With the Uniserv Company Check, you ensure the pausibility of the VAT ID, check and correct the company name and registered office, and submit the commercial register entry.

Quick facts about the company check

  • Valid VAT ID.
  • Enrichment commercial register entry.
  • Valid company address.
  • Secure database.

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How to benefit from the reverse charge procedure

Checking the VAT ID with Uniserv

More and more companies are outsourcing their logistics to other European countries and supplying their German customers from there. When the supplier and the recipient are in different countries, but are liable to pay VAT within the European Union, then the so-called reverse charge procedure can be applied. This procedure simplifies the treatment of VAT by transferring the reporting obligation from the supplier to the recipient. However, the prerequisite for VAT-exempt supplies under the reverse charge procedure is that the recipient is actually a VAT-liable company and the supplied item was purchased for the company. The supplier must perform the due diligence and show that the facts were checked properly.

In order to benefit from the VAT-exempt supply under the reverse charge procedure, you must therefore prove that the recipient is actually a VAT-registered company. The prerequisites for this are the correct company address and the valid VAT ID. The Uniserv Company Check supports you in securing & checking this data:


Verification and, if necessary, correction of the company name as well as the registered office, enrichment of the entry in the commercial register and plausibility check of the VAT ID for German companies.

Enrichment of missing data: Company name and entry in the commercial register.

Access to various types of registers, such as commercial register A or B, partnership register, association register or cooperative register.

Fast integration and availability as a cloud service with a REST interface without software installation.

Your advantages


  • Ensuring correct company addresses for German companies directly during data entry.
  • Ensuring a valid VAT ID.
  • Easy and fast integration into your system environment and immediate use.
  • Volume-based pricing - you only pay for actual usage.

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