Golden Record vs. Golden Profile

Golden Record

When customer master data is kept in multiple systems, duplicates and discrepancies are unavoidable. The search for customer data is time-consuming, and a unified customer view is scarcely possible. The solution is Uniserv Smart Customer MDM, which enables you to combine all of your existing customer data to a Golden Record; i.e., to consolidate all related information to a single, unique dataset. With the Golden Record you always have exact, consistent, and fully exploitable customer data available. Duplicates are avoided and data quality continues to improve. The time-consuming work previously necessary for consolidating and matching data, is now a thing of the past.

Once a Golden Record is created, it must be regularly maintained. With Uniserv Smart Customer MDM, the quality of your data is kept at a constant high level. Whenever an alteration is made to a particular dataset at its source, this alteration is reflected by all other related items from other sources. Continual synchronisation with your existing systems ensures that the Golden Record always contains the most up-to-date information available. You can reach your customer simply and efficiently!

Thanks to the Golden Record you:

  • have a comprehensive, unambiguous, and up-to-date view of your customer
  • can exploit new cross- and up-selling potential
  • raise customer satisfaction
  • control marketing campaigns more efficiently and target them more effectively
  • structure your customer management efficiently for multi-and single channel operations
  • anchor Data Governance throughout the whole company
  • increase the loyalty of your customers 
  • make dependable decisions based reliable reports
The Golden Record
Golden Record

From the Customer’s Golden Record to the Golden Profile

Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, Big Data – none of these modern catchphrases can be ignored. They are an integral part of today’s networked world and provide companies with new business opportunities. Yesterday’s shop branches and sales counters have been replaced by today’s digital platforms where customers can serve themselves - and this has obvious advantages. Everything happens faster, functions more simply, is immediately available, and whenever possible is individual. But the challenges this presents for companies are also more than clear. First, they must face the challenges of the digital world. Second, they must be able to accompany their digital customer. And third – and this is one of the greatest challenges – they must fully understand their customers to be able to successfully accompany them as individuals along their journey.

But digitalization of the customer means that creation of a 360° customer view is becoming increasingly difficult, because there are an ever-increasing number and variety of platforms where digital customers leave their traces behind. A company wanting to follow these traces is faced with the challenge of having to collect the information, and then to store it correctly, and finally make it available for analysis. Companies can only solve this dilemma by combining all available information about their customers – i.e. master data and dynamic (transaction and interaction) data –and feeding it into the restructuring of processes and business models. But here the golden record approach alone is insufficient, because it only includes master data. To successfully deal with the challenges presented by digitalization, companies need a new solution and process methodology, and this is provided by the so-called Ground Truth, which provides a thoroughly reliable representation of all available data - and thus the digital reality.

Sharpen the profile of your customers

Ground Truth includes all customer-related master and dynamic data:

  • all customer master data available from different sources (golden record)
  • combined with customer-related interaction and transaction data,
  • for a real 360-degree view of each individual customer (golden profile).

Dynamic data includes:

  • customer behavioural data (orders, transactions, payment history, dwelling time etc.),
  • customer descriptive data (attributes, voluntary self-information, demographics etc.),
  • customer characteristics (preferences, needs, opinions etc.),
  • customer interaction data (offers, results, context, click streams, notes etc.).

What is a Golden Profile?

The golden profile is a central customer master profile containing not only important master features of a customer from different data sources –both internal and external – but also transaction and interaction data. It includes links to all master data sources from which the customer attributes it contains have been drawn. This guarantees that when an alteration is made to an attribute in one data source, the same alteration will be synchronised in all other sources using the same attribute. This also enables the continual enrichment and update described above, without having to repeatedly perform manual changes.

Golden Profile
Golden Profile

With Ground Truth, it is possible to consolidate all customer data – such as address data, purchasing behaviour, purchasing history, preferences and the traces customers leave behind in the internet and in social media – from all available company systems. Only the combination of this data to a real 360-degree view of the customer will create a true representation of reality. In other words, Ground Truth ensures that analyses do not take place in a vacuum, but instead have the necessary solid foundations for the company to make correct decisions necessary for the digital transformation