Duplicate Cleansing in SAP®

Duplicate Cleansing in SAP

Uniquely identify your business partner data

Mayer, Maier, Meier - pretty much the classic example. But it basically says it all. A classic listening error during data entry and it's already happened: the data record is entered multiple times in the system. How are you supposed to know afterwards which one is the right one?

Are you still searching or have you already found it?

  • Identify your business partner in real time.
  • Avoid duplicates directly during data entry.
  • Control your business process on the basis of a correct database.
  • Get support for post-processing and cleansing.
  • Easy integration through our SAP-certified interface.

Why check duplicates with Uniserv?

We know a thing or two about matching duplicates. We've been doing it for quite a while - for over 50 years. Our algorithm detects similarities that you might not even think of. In return, of course, it comes with some great features:

  • Error-tolerant and phonetic search.
  • Unique reference tables of knowledge bases.
  • Nickname tables.
  • Unicode-compatible matching technology.
  • ... the rest? We will be happy to tell you personally.

Duplicate-free business partner data is the basis for the 360° customer view. This ensures that you adhere to your business rules, increases the usefulness of your analyses and provides a stable foundation for important business decisions.


Identity for SAP S/4HANA.

Our special solution for duplicate search in SAP HANA.

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Finding duplicates in the database or importing new business partner data? No problem.


Of course, the duplicate check does not only work for the input. The entire stock of business partner data can also be cleaned up: with Uniserv DQ Steward. Directly from the SAP interface. Quite simply at the push of a button. Or do you want to import lists? This reconciliation is also convenient - and you ensure a redundancy-free data stock.

Your advantages: 

  • Duplicate cleansing in partial or complete inventories.
  • Redundancy-free import of third-party lists.
  • Enrichment of additional information.
  • Direct processing of the results in your SAP interface.


The duplicate check runs unnoticed in the background. The results are displayed directly in Uniserv DQ Steward and can be edited if necessary. An additional release step according to the dual control principle is also possible. Only when the final approval has been given may the corrected data record be transferred to the master data of the SAP system. 

Do you like to have full control? Uniserv DQ Steward offers plenty of detailed statistics & KPIs and transparently shows progress at all times. Of course, all processes are logged in an audit-proof manner.

Our tip: Supplement the duplicate cleansing in DQ Steward with a prior address validation. This will increase the hit rate and boost the efficiency of your cleanup projects.

Duplicate cleansing in SAP



Smart Data Check - the real quality of your data?

Uniserv Smart Data Check

How high is the duplicate rate in your business partner data?

With our Smart Data Check, you can find out whether your data is complete, correct, unique, accessible and compliant:

  • Detailed analysis of your data.
  • Fast, transparent, measurable.
  • Reliable KPIs and a clear overview.
  • Supplemented by tips from DQ experts.
  • Without obligation. At a fixed price.


Our solutions are SAP certified


Thanks to our SAP-certified integration, our Plug & Play solutions offer the same security and stability for SAP upgrades as SAP's own applications. Adaptations to your special requirements are also carried out flexibly and straightforwardly by our specialists. We support web technologies, especially in the CRM environment, and our solutions can also be easily integrated into customized SAP applications.

DQ Connector identity RT 5.3 – for matching duplicates
BC-BAS-DES 4.6 (SAP NetWeaver) 

DQ Connector identity RT 5.3 – for matching duplicates

SAP certification
SAP certification