Golden Path to Sucess - Infographic

The Golden Path to Success

Create a golden path for your line of work by improving your customer information and get to know your customers, leads and prospects better! The infographic explains the benefits of the Smart Customer MDM, the solution itself and your possible results.

What are the benefits for creating the golden path?

For the infographic we selected the most important benefits to show you what the possible outcomes are after implementing the Smart Customer MDM.

Individual communication

Be able to communicate with your customers on a personal level. Send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Satisfied customers
Satisfied customers are a company’s most valued asset. A returning customer is up to 30% more worth than a new customer. Satisfy your customer through correct communication and high value

Increase customer loyalty
Satisfied customers will more likely stay loyal to your company. Not only will they repeat business with you, they will also tell others about your great service.

Measurable results
Keep track of everything and measure the results of your activities.

Predict customer behavior

Be able to know what a customer would like to have, maybe even before the customer knows himself! This way you can send out great value offers and have more success in your activities.

Increase customer retention
Customers will feel more valued by you, as the communication has been personalized. This will make it easier to convince them to continue business with you, instead of having to see them disappear to your competitor.

Step 1, create the golden record
Customer profiles including all information are being stored everywhere within the company. This does not only make it difficult to identify your customers, it can make it impossible. It is time to collect all information about your customers from all systems within your company. When you have put this together, you have successfully created the Golden Record.

Step 2, create the golden profile
Now that we have put all existing information together, it is time to enrich with external information. Information like the customer’s job, income or marital status can be important to do good segmentations within the massive amount of profiles. Add in the information you find important to be able to target your customers successfully and the golden profile is ready!  

Step 3, create the golden network
The golden profile is important in order to know what relationships your customers have to other customers within your system. Connect contacts from the same company or the same family in order to communicate more efficiently and effectively.

It sounds easy, but how do I do this?
With Uniserv’s Smart Customer MDM solution of course! This solution is specially designed to be flexible, which makes it possible to make it fit into every organization. Smart Customer MDM will be designed to meet your preferences at all times and is:


  • Flexible
  • Fast
  • Extendable
  • And for up to 100,000,000 accounts

This means you will be easily able to:


  • Control Opt-ins and Opt-outs
  • Track your customers
  • Do multi-channel communication