Top Ten Problems with Customer Data

Top 10 problems with customer information

We made a selection of the top 10 problems about customer information that most of marketing departments are facing nowadays. These problems occur in almost every company, as many systems are used to store information about one customer and it is hard to combine all sources to get a single customer view.

10. I do not recognise the ‘’rotten apple’’ among my customers

  • It is hard to recognise potential threats in your customer database, as data about their buying and paying behaviour is spread among various departments. This results in offering products to customers who cannot afford them, loss of valuable time by contacting unprofitable customers and loss on income by selling to uncreditable customers.

9.  I am not sure if my company complies with modern privacy regulations

  • We live in an age in which privacy laws get stricter by the year and law changes are hard to follow. Mistakes can cause unnecessary lawsuits and decline of credibility to the image of the company. 

8. My customers receive wrong and unwanted advertising

  • Sending wrong or unwanted information to customers will cause a decline of interest from them. As a result, customers will opt-out on mailing and will be harder to reach. It also unnecessarily drains your marketing budget, as extra effort and money is spent on advertising which does not bring in positive feedback.

7. My customers complain about wrong salutations

  • Wrong salutations is the first mistake a customer will notice. That is not all, he or she might also be offended by it. It sounds easy to do this correctly, but in reality it always turns out to be a problem. 

6. I do not trust my customer database

  • Surprisingly this happens often, especially in larger companies. Databases can be updated from different sources by different people for different reasons. As a result, the database slowly transforms into a mess with not correct customer information. 

5. Service centres cannot find customers in their systems

  • Customers can be contacted by many departments (sales, marketing, etc.). When databases are not connected properly it can occur that one department does not receive new or updated data about a customer. When the connection to a service centre is of questionable quality, customer cannot be found in the system when needed.

4. The response rate of my campaigns is low, the bounce rate is high

  • A low response and a high bounce rate on your marketing campaigns is worrisome, but how does this happen? Most likely, the customer database is not kept up-to-date and existing information is not checked and improved properly. A successful marketing campaign starts with reaching the right customers with the right information.

3. I do not know which data records are most recently added

  • Some databases have duplicates, but which of the contacts is correct and when was it updated? Which address of one customer was last added and which one is correct? This can happen when a database is updated from several departments without good communication and without creating an overlook of who has updated what and when.

2. I find it difficult to recognise cross- & upselling potential

  • When a database is limited to provide only the information from your department and cannot combine important, other information about customers it is possible that a lot of cross- and upselling information is missed out on. This has a harmful effect on revenue and can also result in losing customers, as they will look for the product somewhere else. 

1. Important customer information is missing or distributed over different systems

  • A complete set of customer information is most valuable. Without it, your campaigns will be based on guesswork instead of confidence, which will thereafter result in unnecessary cost making and unsuccessful campaigns. 

The solution:
By improving your customer data, identifying duplicates and creating Golden Records you will create a comprehensive and complete view of your customers across all systems. Read more about how you can achieve that with Uniserv’s Smart Customer MDM!