Customer Data Hub: Customer Master Data Management

Customer Data Hub: customer master data management solution

Lost the overview? With the Customer Data Hub you can identify, merge and qualitatively optimize your customer data across all sources. And all this without changing your existing system landscape.

Consistent and up-to-date customer master data across all channels.

Move away from data silos. Build the golden record - for a 360-degree customer view.

Your customers don't work or think in silos. The same should be true for your data. After all, you don't just want to look at a section - you want to look at the whole picture. A 360-degree customer view.

We help you bring all customer and business partner data together in one central place - from web to mobile to CRM, ERP and intelligent store systems. This is the only way to get the clearest possible picture of your customers and your business processes. This is the basic prerequisite for developing cross- and up-selling potential, optimizing customer service or meeting compliance requirements.

Data comes from everywhere – insights come from the Customer Data Hub. 

  • Consistent and up-to-date business partner and customer master data
  • Data is available throughout the company
  • Consistent and accurate data across all systems
  • Processes, analytics and systems can access reliable master data
  • Manage customer master data quickly and effectively


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Are you responsible for the management of customer (master) data in your company?

Not an easy task, unless ...?

... you use the Customer Data Hub from Uniserv. With the Customer Data Hub you can extract and consolidate your customer master data from the most varied data sources. The data is cleaned, structured and updated by the data quality solutions from Uniserv in the Hub. Duplicates are identified and resolved with the aid of Identity Resolution. The data quality mechanisms already take effect during data acquisition: the consistency of the customer and business partner data is ensured across all data sources at all times. External data, for example from mergers and acquisitions or from data suppliers, can also be imported easily, cleanly and quickly.


Consolidate customer master data from a wide variety of data sources.

All advantages at a glance:


  • No redundancies in data management. Duplicates are removed through the use of Identity Resolution.
  • Determination of unique business partners across all processes and systems
  • Data is checked permanently and almost in real time
  • Creation of a unique golden record
  • No complex integration project, no change of the existing data models
  • Hosted solution, so no software installation is required and existing system and process landscapes can be retained
  • Fast implementation leads to high scalability and a timely and traceable ROI
  • Calculable risk and lean project through gradual expansion of the project to further customer domains


Creating the basis for your data-driven processes & applications.

Functions of the Customer Data Hub.

One thing we can promise: We know our way around addresses - we look back on more than 50 years of experience. With this knowledge, we have developed functions for the Customer Data Hub that simplify and accelerate access to data and enable thoughtful and simple use of insights. We can help you, too.


Customer Data Management: Analyze


Get a quick and accurate overview of the state of your data.

Customer Data Management: Enrich


By enriching your data with additional information, you make it even more valuable.

Customer Data Management: Validate


Check your contact data for completeness, correctness and syntax.

Customer Data Management: Integrate


Bring together all the information from different sources.

Customer Data Management: Cleanse


Maintain optimal data quality in terms of timeliness, reliability, and level of detail.

Customer Data Management: Format


Unify the data formats from the different data sources.

Customer Data Management: Match


Merge same and similar records and check for Golden Record.

Customer Data Management: Merge


Consolidate relevant information and update the Golden Record.



Your path to the Golden Record. Here's how it works.

In the first step, the initial loading of the Customer Data Hub, all data records from the various source systems are loaded. In this process, the data is already cleansed using a standardized data cleansing procedure. To ensure that the golden records are created, the data is checked using postal address validation and identity resolution. In this step, the address data is validated, duplicates are identified and matching data records are merged.

In this step, reports on the initial load are also issued. It is not only reported how many data records - and thus golden records - are now free of duplicates, but also how many and which data records have fallen through business rules and need to be further optimized in the follow-up. Comprehensive data stewardship functionalities are available for this purpose. The console can be used to control which data records are to be merged manually, for example. This gives you concrete information on where and to what extent there is still a need for optimization. Resources and budget can thus be estimated, and appropriate master data management measures can be initiated.

If required, the now optimized data can also be transferred back to the existing source systems. In addition, the steps can be extended if, for example, data still needs to be refined. In doing so, the golden record can still be compared against external reference data and then enriched. Ultimately, at the end of the process chain, you receive unique customer master data records from the entire company - the golden records.




360-degree customer view & more. With the Customer Data Hub. 

  • 360° customer view: improved process quality through consolidated and reliable customer master data across all functional areas, applications and databases.
  • holistic, reliable data quality concept and support for operational data governance
  • Increased revenue through improved cross- and up-selling, optimized customer retention and targeted marketing activities & customer approach
  • Adherence to national and international guidelines: compliance, KYC, reporting


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You would like to start with the cleanup in a system first? You would like to do without software installations in the process? Then data cleansing in the cloud is the right thing to do.

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Manage your customer data quickly & effectively.

Take off with the Customer Data Hub from Uniserv.

To make the solution optimal for you, the Customer Data Hub can also be extended according to your requirements. Do you have market-specific challenges that must be met? Do you want to get to know your customers and business partners even better? Do you have requirements that go beyond the standard? We create a high-quality, consolidated database and can then adapt and expand it according to your needs.

With the Customer Data Hub you bring together the data that belongs together. A data hub for your customer master data. With the consolidated and prepared data you form the basis for further processes and activities. This significantly simplifies and accelerates the introduction of a master data management system, and the establishment of a customer data platform can be carried out more quickly and on the basis of secure data. Other activities, such as marketing automation tools or the creation of a customer journey, also benefit from the data basis created with the Customer Data Hub.